The answer is: Because:


Your business seems to be ... Panda, Brandon and commenters have already figured out ... So let's do that and we see:


Two things jumped out at me as soon as I saw this puzzle. Firstly, the mixed-case letter strings on the far right. Several of them look like Secondly, the all-caps letter strings in the middle. Several of them start with what look like Looking at it a little more closely, I noticed that So let's fill in some of those letters and see where we get: On ...


Following on from NudgeNudge who got halfway with This can be shortened to Adding where we initiated Whats inbetween and the two lower rated this combination leads straight to a street we keep going southwards till we know we're beat So the answer is


Partial: We start in a city that rhymes with angina, the masculine form, add in what's drunk in China, then take phylum's first six, of the minor kind, components will make what in our hand we find.


Looks like Once all of the places are found,


Part 1: The Solved Grid The solved grid is below: The logic for the left side portions was relatively straightforward. There were no particularly difficult steps - just searching for the next place progress can be made, like solving a jigsaw puzzle. A few sections had extra information that seems important: Part 2: The Messages


You are in Reasoning: We are not twins: I love her very much: Another possibility would be:


Answer The country your sister most recently visited is: The reasoning: What's next: Moving on: The last step: Some final notes: Regarding the handwritten note: A final easter egg: I absolutely loved this puzzle! It hit the exact blend of "curse you" and "a-ha!" moments to make for a really enjoyable time. I sincerely admire the ...


I think there are three(ish) choices. The simplest one is To find the other solutions, we have to notice that This means we can also start and then we can, of course, start


I'm pretty sure it is As


The AA rated words are words which The seventeen are Following this rule a Z rated word is


My goodness. Each of these countries has These are as follows: The countries that don't share the link are:


I'm guessing he's really going to The trick is that For my first stop, I will be flying to Vienna. Hope to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and maybe see some kangaroos as well! My second stop is Luang Prabang. Looking forward to an in-depth experience of an African megacity! Next up, I'm flying to the exciting Andalusia. Looking to chill out at the ...


The missing clues are After filling the rest of the clues (and figuring out better words for 5, 6, and 9 particularly), you get If you now fill in the mystery clues, you get Which finally fits the somewhat surprising tags by listing Particularly, the ones listed are


Letters can be rearranged to form names of other countries. Belarus India Gabon Italy Malta Iraq Uganda Israel


Probably wrong but I think that you are on


You are: I share a border with France I'm bigger than Belgium I have red in my flag I'm smaller than Poland I'm south of Denmark I have no cross in my flag I have direct access to the Atlantic ocean I have a "R" in my name I'm not Portugal So the lie was:


The first part of the question has already been answered correctly by @Callidus, however the second has not. To answer the second part of the question: What is the northernmost country that borders the contiguous US to the South?


...is everyone a young male? ...are there red sticks everywhere? ...is everybody actually from a completely unrelated Canadian province? ...does everybody know how long they've been moored? ...does the voltage never vary in their huge industrial laundromats? ...are all the small mountains lent out from other places? ...is every day the Fourth of July? ...


The countries are: Dominican Republic Norway Turkey Spain Iceland Tonga Serbia Turkey Uganda Greenland Estonia Argentina Thailand Iceland Norway Macau Reunion We can get a message by


Complete answer - Letters/blots: Anecdote: Letters ordered by appearance in the anecdote: Letters ordered alphabetically by blot letter: So...still dunno the final answer. Terrible attempts below: For real, though: OK, it was actually @aynber! Thanks for nudging (then shoving) me along. =) May you never catch


Capital city that matches [A-H]+, Although almost every capital city has at least one of those letters, let's use a poetically liberal regexp engine that allows no other letters in the name at all. That gives us the starting point of take out the first four and then add deux cents plus; crossing the Danube, you make your way north; stay on that route till ...


The answer is The languages The numerical values


Fielding this: My beginning is a halogen. My middle is Roman. My ending is Swedish. My whole was Roman. My beginning is a dessert. My middle is German. My ending makes plurals. My whole was German.


1) Canada or Peru (the flag colours are the same, but rotated) (If you also want to keep the dimensions of the stripes, then only Peru is accepted.) 2) Sierra Leone (same colours, horizontally symmetrical) 3) Guinea (same colours, vertically symmetrical)


The answer is Prefix: Suffix: Infix:


I think the answer is Completed Nonogram Traversed Maze


The attack is going to be at the There are several hints pointing to one thing: So, what if we...

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