The answer is a postbox/mailbox because if you remove a physical letter from it, it remains a mailbox; its meaning is still to hold letters. You can remove all the letters, but it will still be a mailbox.


NOTHING. The pronunciation of this in various accents could be rendered as NOTHIN' (one letter removed), NOT'IN' (two letters removed), or NOT'N' (three letters removed). And of course if you remove all the letters you're left with nothing!


I think this classic story involves "I'm sick of looking like a fish", says the first one. "I want to be a ladder! "At least you don't have to put up with this stupid ponytail", ... second, "I want to be a triangle!" "I'd just be happy looking more like a wine glass and less like a beer mug" the third one adds. "Ha!" shouts the fourth, "I'm just ...


"What kind of trouble am I in?" You're... having a small stroke? :P But seriously:



Twelve words: a nearsighted ant sergeant negates an agent, denigrates estranged straightened gnat agents a an ant gnat agent agents negates sergeant estranged denigrates nearsighted straightened An officer in an army of earthbound insects, suffering from poor eyesight, orders an informer to be dispensed with, and is harshly critical of an ex-couple of ...


Could it be that


The two word phrase hidden quite cleverly in this long passage is This word was hidden in this puzzle in the following way: The lines that gave it away were An additional hint that I missed. Thanks Sabre for finding the clue that was craftily embedded into the puzzle


I've also heard it before :)


The real trick to this puzzle is: To get the answer, we


The cookbook should have read: "Reduce the recipe temperature by 36°F." (Or perhaps 35 or 40, for a "round" amount—"36" implies an unwarranted degree of precision.) The original source that the cookbook was based on presumably said "reduce by 20°C." However, Celsius and Fahrenheit are relative scales (with different definitions of zero), not absolute scales....


Guess: because


The answer is: Add a "C", I am what has been, Add a "G", I might be a queen, Add a "P", I'll turn away from sin Add an "L" and I may just give in.


16 Words (Internationalize) Sentence Explanation: I can assert with reasonable certainty that no longer chain exists (according to the dictionary that I am using to generate this). There are a huge number of variations of the chain starting with but this one was possible to squeeze a grammatical sentence out of.


Synonyms form a sentence that is I'm not sure this is quite right, but here's what I think:


I think we can use: Where and it is also a single digit number from Super Hint #1 (or Super 'add criteria' #1)


Following on from NudgeNudge who got halfway with This can be shortened to Adding where we initiated Whats inbetween and the two lower rated this combination leads straight to a street we keep going southwards till we know we're beat So the answer is


Partial: We start in a city that rhymes with angina, the masculine form, add in what's drunk in China, then take phylum's first six, of the minor kind, components will make what in our hand we find.


Looks like Once all of the places are found,


Wikipedia has a nice article on this. Buffalo buffalo (buffalo from Buffalo NY) [that] Buffalo buffalo buffalo (that the buffalo from Buffalo NY bully) buffalo Buffalo buffalo (are bullying buffalo from Buffalo NY).


I suspect it might be


The order is This is because


You are in Reasoning: We are not twins: I love her very much: Another possibility would be:


I would look at it from this perspective.


Two five-letter ones: and three 4s: In general, these are called "grammagrams". There are several lists available online, including this one and this questionable one.


27 characters Bolt me fast, or bolt fast. We have: bolt: secure in place, or dash away suddenly fast: firmly fixed, or quickly The intended meaning is "Either tie me down securely or run away quickly". As @xnor remarks: "I guess the speaker is a werewolf" (thanks for helping!). If the above sentence wasn't ambiguous enough for you, ...


The question was: Explanation: You wish you have it for your lovely home I will have some water and I am fine It happens only in the future you may say Now, it's not a word but the world was crazy about it!


A quick addition to Tom's otherwise excellent answer (answer not comment to preserve spoilers): The first part of the sixth one's statement, I don't like it when you guys leave me until last, it makes me feel like part of me has just fallen away. is because:


This appears to be Elian Script. I'm not sure I can read the writer's handwriting entirely (and they seem to have added some nonstandard things like a zigzag for T), but the first few lines read: PAR?NRE RENR ?HE C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! I REALLY WANT MY PEN! Edit by OP: I spend some time to fully decipher it but I think Deusovi deserves the real credit for ...


The name is Starts with ein affirmation, ends with a metal. Middle is a vulgar intensifier Edit: I am intrigued by the last clue, but figuring anything out is difficult since

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