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I am obviously not a thief!

Here's my suspicion... You are... Each of the lines which together seem to be describing a thief or bandit lurking nervously in the shadows actually lead us to... Tearing from fearing, Thumbs ...
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A lesson in attention to detail

Okay let's go through this step by step. (I'll illustrate the changes in each step with plain but hopefully intuitive ASCII notation. Small letters are to be removed. The words used in the ...
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**Hidden symbols**

The hidden things are Each blank can be filled
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Creation of two (Opposites are opposite)

The answer is Reason The title according the OP
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The yet hidden identity

It is
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Transforming letters into words

Hugh Meyers' answer seems right to me. But I think the premise of the puzzle is actually flawed! We are told that there's a function f mapping letters to English words, such that for each of the 26 ...
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