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A Colorful Explosion

How do we get to the answer? Like so...
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Go the Distance

1st method yielding the answer 2nd method yielding
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Just the two of us

The answer is: Here is the step by step process: Therefore Then on the bottom Using the top as a guide you get:
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Words in my bookshelf

Bottom layer has words which Middle layer has words which Top layer has words which So a literary genre which could fit in two different layers is And noticed by J.E "books" doesn't fit ...
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Signature doughnut from a city

The city is So, stealing what oAlt and M Oehm put together, we have the clues M Oehm solved the third clue by realizing: The third clue of course makes us think of The first clue means And
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Signature doughnut from a city

I think the city is Why? First, Next, And now A remaining question:
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Just another basic puzzle

The blank squares
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What is a Very Frighteningly Dangerous Word™?

Very Frighteningly Dangerous words are those that "Very Frighteningly Dangerous" may be a reference to
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A Colorful Explosion

Wrap-up: The Making Of A Colorful Explosion This is not a solution to the puzzle, but provides notes from its poser. This type of answer has been approved by the community. Caution: This post may ...
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A Professor's Presentation

The answer is because Further explanations/hints:
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V.I.P. Club for Stars

The V.I.P. club for stars is named ... The destinations The pub and the homes The itineraries Odds & ends
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Find the missing animal

I think the missing animal is The animals listed are There are
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Name of puzzle with 9 letters where you make 4-letter words always using the central letter

This type of puzzle is commonly called a 'Word Wheel' in many publications. Here is an example using 10 letters (rather than 9) in the July 2024 Puzzle Selection magazine (UK): Here the central ...
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