In column 3, row 1 The rest of the puzzle can be solved via normal sudoku rules


I think the answer is (each color marked as x/y/z, where X/Y/Z marks the top left cell of each piece so that you can follow the warps from there)


COMPLETED GRID REASONING After the initial obvious deductions: To the left: Middle right: In the middle: Finishing up:


It can be solved as follows With


Solution: Here’s how to solve: 1: 2: 3: 4: From here, the solution can be found by working downwards! Nice puzzle!


Solved sudoku (nothing fancy, just plain logical deduction): $$ \begin{array}{c|ccc|ccc|ccc|} & C1 & C2 & C3 \ & C4 & C5 & C6 \ & C7 & C8 & C9 \\ \hline R1 & 3 & 6 & 2 \ & 8 & 5 & 7 \ & 1 & 9 & 4 \\ R2 & 5 & 1 & 7 \ & 2 & 9 & 4 \ & 6 & ...


Completed Word Grid Definitions of the wild words, for the curious Completed Score Grid Process I really wanted to try and solve this as manually as I could, but seeing how many possibilities there were after my first attempt (2997 for one row!), I soon realized this was almost impossible, so I fully automated (brute-forced) this solution. Dictionary ...


First, the basic deductions from extending regions: Next, look at some sum cages. Next, the upper left: ...And from here, I believe there are multiple solutions. Unless I've made a mistake (which very well could be the case), this demonstrates at least two solutions to the puzzle. (I've highlighted 1s, 2s, and 3s for easier checking.)


Statue Park clues all give the same amount of information: there is a tile here/there is not a tile here. But depending on their location, you can get a different amount of information! To demonstrate this, consider this puzzle (where the piece bank is the pentominoes). Say I've already determined the two shapes I've shaded in. If I want to place a clue at ...


First Solution We can try the following Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Second Solution I have also noticed that Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Hence, we have two valid and different solutions motivated by different aspects of the letters.


First note: To make progress, look at:


Here is the official solution from my puzzle book. Sorry for the confusion. Because there is only one solution printed I thought the solution is unique. Now I saw that this was missleading. And I can't see any further restrictions in the solution. @all Thanks for your help :)

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