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Paranormal Activity

Filled crossword grid: Clue explanations: Nurikabe logic: As seen by reading the unshaded letters in standard reading order, Gladys is visiting
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Coasting Along the Coast

Gladys is in First, let's solve the fillomino. For the star battle,
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Horological Horrors

Disregard this answer. The puzzle has since been fixed. I've exhausted all possibilities (20 thousand or so) for entries into the six Sudoku cells with corner marks, and only one set of entries will ...
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Explanation why next cell has to be a certain value

You can deduce that R7C1=5. Consider columns 7 and 9, and look at where the 7s can go in those columns. Either R1C7 + R8C9 (call that case 1), or R3C9 + R9C7 (call that case 2). In case 1, R1C7=7 ...
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