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The two missing presidents are: As Victor has found out ... We get: Or ... Special thanks ...


Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4:


Assembling the pieces Well, that almost looks like a message.


By removing matchsticks:


The song is called: To find this: This results in the following calculations:


OP explicitly forbids tinkering with the given equals sign, but Therefore, moving two: Similarly, removing one and moving (or rather just very slightly nudging) one: And a third one (move two):


The top image As for the 4x3 grid: So the final message is


Q1. Below, as it is super lengthy. Q2. The following line is part of another story: Q3 & Q4. The titles of the stories (and their corresponding emojis) are... Q5 & Q6. The main character (and their corresponding emojis) is... Here are the definitions, roughly in the order they appear in the story: $\aleph = 🤏 \in A 👎💑$ $a(x, y, z) = x + z \...


The hidden name is: First, as noted by @JerryDean in comments, we can see from the Example puzzle that: Importantly, this teaches us that... Specifically, like so: Note next that... Now look at the third puzzle image, and... What are these? Well, put them all together and they look like...


Here's another solution, by moving two times.


The final answer is The instructions tell us



Possible first steps in solving it This is a partial answer, likely somewhere between 5% to 30% complete. But since nobody answered this yet, it might be a small breakthrough. First, I just copied this from a comment to a chat link (thanks for Jerry Dean) and the OP confirmed that they are all correct: Ok, are those random names? Because: So: Also, ...



Another solution that moves two matchsticks:

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