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The hidden word is:


The answer is Why?


Minipuzzle 1 Minipuzzle 2 Minipuzzle 3 Minipuzzle 4 Minipuzzle 5 Minipuzzle 6 Minipuzzle 7 Minipuzzle 8 Minipuzzle 9 Minipuzzle 10 Minipuzzle 11 Minipuzzle 12 Minipuzzle 13 Minipuzzle 14 Minipuzzle 15 Minipuzzle 16 Metapuzzle Thanks to Jafe, Stiv, and user39583 for helping me fill in the missing parts of this answer.


These pictures say: How so? What does it mean?


The answer (which also describes the diagram) is: Why? First note that starting from the top of the 24-spoked circle and moving clockwise (in the direction of the arrow): What do these mean? Applying this information, we can derive the final answer by noticing that:


Lukas wants to draw our attention to … The completed sequence is: The matches represent … And the sequence? The missing matches … We can fill in the blanks:


The answer is: How do we arrive at this? First interpret the rebuses at the top - these signify (from top to bottom): Next turn your attention to the bottom image, resembling three circles of different sizes...


The answer is As solved by cap and Rand al'Thor,


Answer: How to get there:


You can place it just to the left of


Partial answer I am still trying to figure out what the corrected image is supposed to represent. It somehow reminds me of a rot13(sybbe cyna bs n (jryy-xabja?) ohvyqvat).


First note: Thus the message is: Second note: Thus: When we follow the steps outlined above: Thus, the road Sammy is referring to is: Finally, we go up 58 miles from where the road turns NE to find Sammy at: Coordinates: I guess Alfred doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.


Partial answer Firstly, the rebus in the second row: Thanks to @cap for the correct symbolic interpretation of the first and third symbols. Now, the first and third rows: However, I'm not sure where to go from here. Something about "minimum" needs to be used for this triangle, and presumably the number "1" from the left also needs to ...


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