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The eight patient names 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Summary: And finally: Easter eggs / references:


First Column Property Second Column Property Therefore, a Prebus Word™ is:


The answer is: The pictures/rebuses resolve as follows:


Slightly partial answer: I am missing 1-3 of the rebus answers (depending on a couple of guesses) and 2-3 of the rebus explanations (for one of my guesses, if it's right then I guess the bit I don't understand is just deliberately not saying anything) but I think I have everything else. The term "prebus", aside from suggesting "rebus", ...


Partial Answer for Clues Theme Next Steps


Some observations that might eventually amount to something, or not: Without the artist's signature, it's hard to know if the painting is oriented as intended. It could be upside-down. It could be sideways too, but I for one find it more aesthetically pleasing in portrait position. When we do get it right side up, there's no guarantee that the information ...


31 moves, because R doesn't need to move either:


Observe that Overall, we get the following image This would suggest that the unknown height is How do we work out the distance between the bottoms of the trees (thanks to OP for the explanation)

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