Let's solve this backwards as intended. Observe that every word ... Further, we can ... And indeed, ...


The missing 5-letter word is likely: As to me, this looks to be a: Like so...


I realise things might look bleak, but fear not - these soldiers are all pushovers, really...


You can turn Life into Shit in 6 steps: or or This is the optimal solution. Why 6 steps? My thinking solution:


I think the answer might be: STEAL my prefix and go high. STEAL my suffix and go bye. STEAL my infix and go die. Leave me be and go STEAL!


The four groups are:


The answer to the question is: How do we derive this? By spelling it out like so:


I think I almost have an entirely complete answer here, but am still missing three of the main puzzle anagrams (see entries in italics below)... Your friend has stopped using his computer because he has learned about: His 17 bullet points... The young man approached the train station, he had been out on the slopes by himself this morning, but only for a ...


The answer phrase is The missing words, sorted into two groups are: Thanks to Jeremy Dover for supplying the two that I was missing. The groups are:


Partial answer because I should really be working rather than digging further on this: First of all, let's answer the individual riddles. A couple of them I'm not too sure about; one I'll go so far as to say is probably wrong. His eyes were plucked out ... One less and I can't be any sooner ... I was conceived without a mother ... Soundless it screams ......


"Can you either reproduce it or describe the algorithm I used?" It may be hard to reproduce due to the:


It might be : Half of me is all the same The other half is just a proposition. When I'm observed, I'm not really seen. Probably because I'm in full opposition.


Could it be: Half of me is all the same: The other half is just a proposition. When I'm observed, I'm not really seen: Probably because I'm in full opposition:

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