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Where is the large cook promotion?

This magic square has a lot of solutions (maybe someone with better programming skills than me could even calculate how many). However... Now
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An incomplete grid

The missing figure is: My choice of terminology here is no accident...
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Can you see the figure?

I'm guessing the 4-word phrase is This is because
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A Trivial Pursuit #25: Meta-Analysis

Wrap-up: The Making Of A Trivial Pursuit This is not a solution to this meta-puzzle, but provides notes from its poser concerning this puzzle's set-up and the wider series to which it belongs. This ...
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Focus on the PAIRS of letters

Puzzle is about "noble gases".
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Catch the flag!

I'd been wondering for a while why the OP had used the word 'Catch' in the title of this puzzle rather than the more common 'Capture', as is the phrase usually - but now I understand, as the island in ...
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**Hidden symbols**

The hidden things are Each blank can be filled
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Use your fingers!

The left part of the rebuses spells: Thanks to the astute observation of M Oehm, the top right rebus can be read as: Furthermore, based on the OP's hints and the title, it has become clear that To ...
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Can you guess what friend I'm imagining?

Your imaginary friend is: I just imagined that instead of solving puzzles, I could make friends by making my own. The first rebus on the top The second rebus (18th)13. What to do with the C=O? ...
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A mysterious importance

This is not complete but was too long for a comment so I'll start it here and come back to it later. I was thinking:
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Use your fingers!

Some initial thoughts: The premise The left portion of the rebus The upper right portion of the rebus The sequence
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