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Taking the [lateral-thinking] tag somewhat seriously, I remark that So


I think the four brothers are The positions in the competition represent The hands and legs refer to I can defeat my brother only as I have double power than him, this will be evident from the fact when we will grow up 10 years older." The 2nd brother hesitates and says, "Actually, he is correct. But our heights will be the same". I think ...


I think we may successfully The list is:




Well, the [lateral-thinking] tag is there, so


I think this is to do with You could say I'm straight, or you could say I'm gay. You could say I'm a virgin, or you could say I've had sex. You could say I've always been the youngest of my family, or you could say I had a little brother. You could say I'm just as happy to date a man as a women, but you can't say I'm Bi. You could say I'm queer, but not ...


Ma turns something This something That's why [Edit] Maybe Ma is [Edit #2] Following the publication of hint 2, Ma might be


I have an answer:


OK, so I'll give it a try: Now I start to heap several guesses upon each other: So maybe I'll postulate further that This does not really explain why nobody said anything. So I add And I wager you in turn did not help clearing up the facts, The change came As for the heading So to add a final guess, All a bit far fetched and contrived and still much ...

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