Building on the other answers (@Stiv and @Deusovi), as well as the 'rebus' hint: I'm pretty confident that the intended solution is: which gives two sections and which is or


This picture represents: Meaning After some research and Google Translate guesswork:


The answer is: The numbers in the equation ... Note that ... Hmm. And now?


Building off the rebus-y component of @Deusovi's answer, I think that by moving just 4 matchsticks it's possible to produce something that looks like this: But hang on, aren't there a lot fewer matches on the table now? Yes, indeed. Because...


This is almost certainly not the answer you're looking for, but I think the tactics you're looking for are similar: A less stretchy solution would likely involve


The answer is that nothing is: Explanation: You are from as you use expressions like 'by Jove', As such, your calculator is a bit unorthodox. So on to your conundrum...


Across Down Still Thinking:


I believe the correct digits are: Reasoning:

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