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Mercury in Centigrade

The solved sudoku looks like this: The key to start the sudoku is From here it is easy to solve the rest. After solving the sudoku, So Gladys is visiting
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Yes, but... where am I?

I think the caller is at
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Yes, but... where am I?

I think the caller is suffering from Visual snow syndrome. A search on the net reveals- 911, sometimes written 9-1-1, is an emergency telephone number for Argentina, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jordan,...
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An impossible A to Z journey

The filled in A-Z crossword: The clues in detail: The answers are all ... VW claims that the trip ...
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Anyone Seen My Snorkel?

Gladys is visiting... "mqoı ugw7qж" means... The letter reads (in English), Following the directions...
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Unchained Again

Completed word chain: Masyu solution (credit to Sny Smartie for beating me to this one - be sure to check out their answer for a full solution path, and leave an upvote while you're there!): To find ...
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Unchained Again

Partial answer for Masyu: Obvious deductions: Now Then Therefore We can then note that Since Finally, That took me more than it should have... :(
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