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Regional Business

Gladys is at The regional Yajilin: The crossword clues... Across Down Crossword grid The extra answers If we do that
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Before the Common Era

The crossword and KenKen can be solved like so: The highlighted letters read Reading we find that Gladys is at
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My answer is.. The first thing we look at Here's the rest of the solution.
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A Trivial Pursuit #07 (Geography 2/4): String Theory

I think the answer is: Each of the tables ... The H example The first letter The second letter The third letter The fourth letter
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Order the cities, then find which one is not described

First, I looked at Elbasan, which I wasn't aware of previously, and noticed that From that I found that I placed the cities in the grid as follows I then replaced the cities with This left me with
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Around the Bend in Many Steps

Gladys is visiting: The completed grid: The clues:
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A Trivial Pursuit #01 (Geography 1/4): History

First, we need to resolve the six lines in the quote: We can then observe that Noting that
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Musk Oxen and Arctic Foxen

Gladys can be found at Clues: To fit them in, notice that Onto the aquarium. In the spirit of the puzzle, I'll be using blue for shaded cells and yellow for unshaded ones: Now, to find Gladys,
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