Answers: Large rodent native to Central and South America (6) Wading bird sacred to the Ancient Egyptians (4) Shrek, Shaun or Dolly? (5) Feathers McGraw, Chilly Willy or Pingu? (7) Captain Nemo's submarine in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas (8) Shakespeare play, The Taming of the _____ (5) Favourite food of Obelix in the Asterix ...


Grid: Building from PartyHatPanda's answer, they form the answer: (New account, but I've been a lurker for months in the PSE. Solved the grid independently but from this computer it's hard to share a photo with the final solution).


Firstly, we can make the following deductions:


Here are some tips for working on 3's in Slitherlink: And with some basic deductions (all lines must be connected in a single loop), here is the solution:


UPDATE: It's a full solution now.


It was fun, but took a lot of time, so: My solution, now with comment (and adapted to fix some oversights) EDIT: I added step-by step pictures of the first quarter (first 5 pictures) of the puzzle. note: The flawed logic of the fourth deduction is improved here The more condense original solution: Picture 1: Plan: Exclude possibilities one by one, using ...


This has many solutions. I believe this is the furthest you can go. Everything else is ambiguous.


Black tiles and black circles and yellow tiles are white circles... First of all some simple deductions: Next if R4C8 is B then it will lead to opposite pairs and so it must be W and then some more deductions: Next if R8C5 is both B and W then it leads to these overlapping deductions so this must be the configurations... Then if R4C4 is W then it will ...


At the bottom right corner


The second riddle seems to be badly worded. The first one is correct as it is, though. In order to check that a card with a vowel on one side always has an even number on the other side you have to check two cards. The first one is obvious: in case the A card doesn't have an even number on the other side the rule is proven wrong. Then you have to check the &...


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