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We have the following COCA +COLA ----- SODA Next, notice something similar in the Since we have a 4 digit number as the result, we know that But: Thus, Also, we know Thus, the solution is;


Since we know that Therefore $A$ Hundreds value must carry since $O \neq 0$ Therefore Therefore $O$ We now get And since $S<9$ Then there are many possibilities... any relations I missed out?


The first is a pirates favorite letter. The second is from a famous quote of Shakespeare. The third is squaring it off in a famous formula. The fourth is the first in a very well known song. The fifth placed in a line from top to bottom makes the train go in the right direction. The sixth in my language sounds like the fourth. The seventh is what you ...


I've found a solution, which is unique given the constraints. Proof


Let a be Mark and b be Mindy. Then So


I'm going to assume that if the fourth card is drawn, and a multiple of 3 is never reached, the game is considered drawn and this is not a win condition for Jack. Let's start with the easy part: Now going through other possibilities: If Jack draws 1: If Jack draws 2: If Jack draws 4: Ultimately, this gives him odds of: EDIT: Adjusting for the fact ...


A completely sideways answer - but possibly only one try... Here you need to cheat a little, and cause yourself some sort of injury to get some blood - smear some of that blood on one card, and then another - keep doing this until you find two that have different shades. The red "filter" cannot restore invisible (to you) colour, but it can hide some of the ...


ma is the age of Mark my ist the age of Mindy

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