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Escape The Room - Everyone Wants This To Stop

The single letter is: First observation: Second observation: The cipher: Mild criticism of the puzzle:
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Weird Programming Glitch

Decoding the second message gives: Which just so happens to be the python code to decode these messages! Explanation I noticed that when I assumed that was ...
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You probably don't have the courage to solve this. (THE LIST: PART 1)

You probably don't have the courage to solve this: Why? ANQM HM SGD T.R. (16) YPC WMS QSPC RFGQ GQ Y EMMB GBCY? (12) X JLKPQBO. (7) BNEHHU. (4) VNNZHWGDIB OCZ WPIF. (12) (was WPDGYDIB V KGVXZ ...
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Hobbies and travelling

This is And the answer is
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It's quite odd to decipher seemingly random key-smashes

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The mystery of 107 numbers

The algorithm is: Then, taking that sequence of numbers: Generate 107 numbers using this algorithm to arrive at the sequence in the puzzle! My thought process:
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Translation from Tangkhul to English - Linguistics problem

My solution How I got there Looking at the Tangkhul phrases we can notice that The corresponding English translations have a similar feature We can now look at the main root in each phrase as ...
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