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This is nice! To 'open the curtains' here, we need to: We can then: Doing that produces the following grid: Reading down between my added marks in this diagram reveals the hidden message:


The crux of this problem, as given in Hint 2, is a Vigenère cipher. To apply a Vigenère cipher, we need three things: the alphabet, the ciphertext, and the key. The easiest to figure out is the alphabet. The note tells us that The base range isn't the standard, but it's still standard. We also know, from the extra information, that the alphabet likely ...




You can find the solution to the nonogram in Anonymous' answer. For the rest


The original message was The bars correspond to


Solution :- Gradual Deduction :- Step $1$ :- Step $2$ :- Step $3$ :- Step $4$ :- Step $5$ :- So I have solved this already, the rest remaining is to find the name of the physicist and the message he left behind, well I am not finding any clue to the nonogram though.


The country names are (in order) With the following identification of letters How to figure this out


The first is The second is The third is


This appears to be

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