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I assume there is something more to this, but the authors' names can all be


The first thing that's apparent is that Since it's natural to consider especially as An obvious guess is that We then notice that So the obvious guess is Looking at what that gives us we notice and now and get Seems like we've cracked it. In answer to the question of how difficult it is to crack,


(Partial, saving some thoughts) Now Trying to do something of the There are reasons to think that


It is a: It says: I solved it by hand in Excel but you can use sites like:


Here's my initial thoughts if it helps kick this off:


I like steganography: Some additional info: And:


Partial: So having gotten here, some possible clues to find what's missing:


The first step: This tells us to Using those, (Another hint that would have helped with the path: if you This appears to decode everything except for the zigzag note and the p.yy note, both of which likely were hints at the various ciphers used.


Some observation:


Multiple suggestions, very messy thoughts, but still trying to share what I have Continuing from @Arnaud, I agree with him on the But then due to I believe that the directions form So, @jafe had mentioned that multiple instances in the poem suggests Like this This, according to him/her, seems wrong as there is no mathematics tag, but led me to think ...


This solution is a bit of a stretch, but here it goes: Edit:


It is a since we take out the dogs for I guess the alphas refer to Using this we get:


FINAL Answer Here's the completed logic grid: OFCTYR ESP... becomes: This seems to be something to do with Lord of the Rings (and the mountain in Scotland...). The script thing is: where BLOEE... becomes: HKT RGC... becomes: More to be coming soon! (When I can listen to the Morse code...)


Partial answer: Here's the boards with each symbol being given a letter (so it's easier to write and differentiate), the number of times it appears, and the boards written using the assigned letters. Now that we have a second board, the frequencies change (frustratingly) much - note that this is because this translations was done before the mis-shifting of ...


Well, @phenomist and @feelinferrety have solved the most of it, and the OP @DqwertyC has almost given all ouit, but since this has been here untouched for nearly one and a half years, I believe it's time that I give the final blow. This is probably the full solution. Step 1: Result: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Message: Solution: This is most ...

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