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To solve this puzzle, note the key word in the text: If we employ this on each of the three parts of the puzzle text, we can get the following: So the reason your puzzle was closed is because it seems like you were telling us: So please provide suitable attribution!! ;-)


The eight patient names 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Summary: And finally: Easter eggs / references:


First, making sense of the letter: Secondly, making sense of the numbers on the glass:


Let's see, then.. There are three lots of two-symbol groups separated by slashes. The number of groups, and the fact that there are two repeats, make it a plausible idea that this is a letter-by-letter substitution cipher of one kind or another. Working under that assumption, let's transcribe the message: abc decf ge Then, we do the only thing we can: we ...


An incomplete answer: I'm not sure where to go from there...


This looks like some sort of cryptogram -- each symbol in the ciphertext replacing some symbol in the plaintext. "7l8" occurs over and over again, often at the start of a line; could it be "the"? If so then "7l858" is presumably "there" (could be "these" but that seems less likely) and then probably "l6&...


The message says: Method: Why:


It says the following How to do it In other words to decode


The OP has told me to write down the steps one by one, but I must give credit to the one who did most of the work, @Pepper. Upvote his answer, too! The steps: The answer: P.S.


The plaintext is Explanation: Not sure if there's anything more to the puzzle, as the plaintext itself looks pretty cryptic.


I think the password is First Step Second Step Third Step Finally, as found by Alaiko


First of all, as indicated by the write_as_ascii() function, the message is actually a series of bytes (uint8_t), not 16-bits words. The words given are the combination of two bytes in a little endian format, meaning the least-significant byte is first (e.g. 5dcb is actually the byte CB followed by the byte 5D). Moreover, the decoding function write_as_ascii(...


Some observations that might eventually amount to something, or not: Without the artist's signature, it's hard to know if the painting is oriented as intended. It could be upside-down. It could be sideways too, but I for one find it more aesthetically pleasing in portrait position. When we do get it right side up, there's no guarantee that the information ...

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