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Let's solve this backwards as intended. Observe that every word ... Further, we can ... And indeed, ...


This is a really nice puzzle! To break into it... So we know where the plane was leaving from - where was it travelling to? Without any coordinates to find this out (all the numbers are obscured by the coffee spill), we need to: The logic that I followed to solve this was roughly as follows: Finally, we can identify the 3 characters in the destination ...


There are two steps you need to follow to decrypt your message: It soon becomes clear why you have chosen this combination of numbers in your encryption process, as the plaintext contains: The fully deciphered message (a few corrected typos indicated in square brackets) reads:


While points concerning the plot of a story tend to be the domain of Literature.SE, our business on Puzzling.SE is puzzles - and this is a question about a puzzle. Namely: I think I have decrypted a cipher (albeit a particular one from a specific short story) - how can I make sense of its output? Here's an explanation for the OP, along with some general ...


The cipher is: The messages are:


Thanks for the challenge, here is the answer: Explanation (thanks to the tips)


Heavy credits to the other two answers. Everyone keeps saying the answer is However, I disagree because: Hence, the answer is: Yes, I know that this is ridiculous, but this bounty being there is honestly super annoying, so i'm posting this so it goes away.


Decryption method A couple of the "words" are easy to recognise as actual words: That means so I suspect that Solution It's now clear that the message is so the ordinals are and the system is This is also consistent with the hint.


The trick is This leads to A copy can be found Note

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