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Section IV My prefix is shiny and precious. My infix is archaically long ago. My suffix contains German beer. I heard of something ending once, So I wrote about it, of course!


Section I Lines 1-3: Lines 4-6: Lines 7-9: Lines 10-12: Lines 13-15: So one of your favourite poets is Section II Taking each three-number code $m.n.p$ to mean another of your favourite poets is Section III Another of your favourite poets is Thanks @Deusovi for help with this! Section IV Thanks to @OmegaKrypton for all but the suffix here. My ...


Partial Answer


Section I, the fifth Poet


The steganography portion: First word: Second word: Elaboration: More here: When we visualise that, it becomes a spiral, like this: Not sure if this is useful in anyway though...


Since nobody is answering it anymore, I am going to answer it myself. If you examine the first picture, you get a link (bit + 2Ywy6OQ) which is After you find this picture, it tells you to 'cut the picture in two halves'. So do what it tells you to do! The answer is Cut the picture in two halves (referring to the ...

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