The secret message is: because


Solved it! Spoilers ahead: P.S. I think this window is brilliant :-)


The introductory paragraph is a clue to As Arnaud has pointed out


The who: The where:


Two things jumped out at me as soon as I saw this puzzle. Firstly, the mixed-case letter strings on the far right. Several of them look like Secondly, the all-caps letter strings in the middle. Several of them start with what look like Looking at it a little more closely, I noticed that So let's fill in some of those letters and see where we get: On ...


The final riddle, found by others is: Which gives So the final answer is: which is indeed how


As Deusovi pointed out in the comments, it's a repeating 5x5 block, so I focused on those 25 pixels. The hex values I found for those are However, I noticed in the description that After readjusting accordingly, I found that the new hex values were Converting that to ASCII, we get Whatever floats your boat, man.


Final Answer The bottom left The bottom middle The bottom right Top 3 rows, part 1R Top 3 rows, part 1G Top 3 rows, part 1B Top three rows, part 2 Top three rows, part 2R Top three rows, part 2G Top three rows, part 2B


It's hard to be sure with all this sand in my eyes, but I believe the desert is saying: Reasoning: Firstly, the title and the fact that the only numbers used in the grains of sand are 1 - 12, hint towards a clock face. From here, we can treat numbers as directions, such that from any given point, you just take the number given and travel according to the ...


This is a comprehensive and complete roundup of the answers submitted by various users and brought together by the OP. A lot of this was solved in chat, mainly by Deusovi, Rubio, Techidiot and Volatility. The answer to this is Because Each algebraic equation: Doing this for every equation gives: So Transcribed this is If we use However EPILOGUE ...



We begin by using steghide to reveal the payload: http://pastebin.com/szEs3Hhq The link brings us to a paste where we get you've done well. Go deeper, and the rewards can be found. Difficulty will increase as you solve each test. May you find your meaning. ...


Right now, you'd really appreciate some: Why? Well, notice that the story conceals: The solution therefore requires us to: The title provides an extra clue:


Hey! A date I maybe predicted to appear today has truly occurred perfectly... This puzzle is about: Because:


Brace yourself to realise that this puzzle is even cleverer than you first think... This is a special one... The seven-letter answer is: Why? Firstly: Next, notice: To replace the underscores with a seven-letter word, note that: For this reason, I believe the final sentence the OP is looking for is: HOWEVER - HOLD THE PHONE... So far this is little ...


The answer is Following Dan Russell's partial answer: Thanks to @f'' in the comments, the interpretation of this is:


Close examination of the text reveals These are So I believe you're thinking of


Counting the reveals the word I'm unsure if there's any deeper answer - I expect there to be, but I don't know what they may be at the moment.


The password is Because And the title...


The thing forgotten by Ron is This is obvious when you come to see Thus he is most likely referred to not by "Ron" but is referred to The hints describing this: ... but there might be others I missed.


Partial answer Definitely correct stuff... Text is Which produces: Based on the hint, Other notes and observations... The stamp appears to be Except that it has been squared off, and Probably less relevant, but Finally, commenters below have noted that the image in the top left


This could be a rebus depicting EDIT: I originally used the wrong preposition in the idiom, although the page I linked to had it correct. A now-deleted comment informed me of this. Rosie F also noticed my mistake here.


They cost ≈ $0.00833333333333333333333333333333 each. Go! Intentionally fracture your fibula! You are the joints of the lower appendages of a eusocial animal. I bequeath unto you the frigid glenohumeral joint. You and the curvy peg are now parting ways, thanks to me. A conglomeration of wind, precipitation, humidity and temperature is above me ...


The answer is



The program is failing because: It would seem that:


The first letters say The letters which have been changed from the original words spell: Now, from Wikipedia, if we look at the note and use the letters, we get So, we look at the letters that we find before the h in the text, and we get: So I suggest that you must:


Final answer: When comparing the image above to the original comic, we can see that... Phew! All that image stealing made me tired! Thanks to everyone who was solving it alongside me!


I think the answer is: Pawn: Rook: Knight: Bishop: Queen: King: Hidden word: Title:


Partial answer I mentioned in the comments above that I'd made some partial progress on this. I haven't had much time to take it any further, so I thought I'd post my work so far in case it helps others... Firstly, I noticed that: Following this logic, I produced: So visualising that result another way we get: That's about all the concrete output I have, ...

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