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A delicious country puzzle

This puzzle is delicious because it contains a nice, juicy... First solve the rebus. The words we are looking for, of 8 and 7 letters, are: Now we apply the instruction at the top... Finally, we ...
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A Trivial Pursuit #08 (Entertainment 2/4): Names

First we solve the rebuses: Then we notice We find them all: Then we notice that I thought that was the end but @Daniel S observes in the comments that we can go further:
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E Rebus Unum – a picture sequence puzzle

Gladys is in: The three rows of rebuses can be solved as follows: Top row: Middle row: Bottom row: Putting these all together gives us:
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Python Conundrum 2: Guess The Place

I think the location is If you execute the code with the right values, it outputs which is The keys are derived as follows:
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Techno-Culinary Brain Teaser: Unravel the Code in the Kitchen

I suspect it is
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The Puzzling Free-to-Play Escape Room, naturally!

Partial answer I figured out #3:
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