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It reads: The explanation being: or read in plain English


Partial answer. Fully solved: 1) Not solved but some ideas 3)


The answer is Interpretation: The title "A ----------y Puzzle": The answer: Thank you Stiv for a brilliant disambiguation. Trivia:


So I thought the answer was: UPDATE But now I understand the answer is Explanation Part 1 (bear with me): And the result from part 1: Which I found very confusing until... Explanation Part 2 UPDATED: It ties into It's a small word after all!: Possible error in image: Defense on calling it a rebus: Great puzzle! Thanks!


The answer is As solved by cap and Rand al'Thor,


First note: Thus the message is: Second note: Thus: When we follow the steps outlined above: Thus, the road Sammy is referring to is: Finally, we go up 58 miles from where the road turns NE to find Sammy at: Coordinates: I guess Alfred doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.


Partial answer Firstly, the rebus in the second row: Thanks to @cap for the correct symbolic interpretation of the first and third symbols. Now, the first and third rows: However, I'm not sure where to go from here. Something about "minimum" needs to be used for this triangle, and presumably the number "1" from the left also needs to ...


Is the answer


Well, here is the process that I would recommend: Come up with a phrase or commonly used word. PICTURES. Pictures are an easy way to represent a phrase/word. Another way to come up with the definition part of the cryptic is to use a very vague definition/synonym/whatever that correlates with the definition and incorporate that into the rebus in some way ...

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