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I have a feeling the answer is My whole is a path to finding a solution, Yet part of me leads to my own recognition. Herring has forever been one of my top tools, I've always loved using it, especially against fools. What can one do when they have one of me, But struggle until they fail or succeed?


I think the blanks are but I am not very convinced by the eighth because the sentence structure comes out rather weird. I should mention that a Here's the whole thing with the blanks filled in.


The matched up rhymes and the meaning of the penultimate line: So the solution is:


Partial answer only. I found the following words, listing the left hand rhymes in order from 1-9: Then I looked at: but again I can't find suitable matches for the others. Am I on the right lines at all here?


Possibly You use


Could it be something like Dethrone the king, cast out the poorest Revolution repeated summons me soonest Put the rocks in the sky and the sun in the sea Either way 'round, I'll still be me I am (mostly) in crabs, and fish, and in birds This way I am myself in these very words Fastest in each of a metronome's flicks And part of its tastiest ticks


These are probably wrong but here are some ideas I've had revolving around....


Here's an answer: On many minds of the human race If you do not have me you will face Turning me high at a feeding place Being considered a family disgrace Re hint:

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