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The answer to this puzzle is: My firsts signify education My seconds axial examination My thirds medical location My fourths denote radiation My fifths state abbreviation My whole is blood contamination My parts each two in variation My consonants lack reiteration When I am shaped like my first Rows from my parts that may burst Adding flipped to in ...


The letters can be replaced as follows: And the remaining letters spell (Arnie's owner gave me some difficulty, because


I have a feeling that this poem: The outdoor sun, it shines so bright, And all my friends, are out of sight, No soul for miles, to break my thoughts, I'm all alone, a forlorn boss, My stormy thoughts, they match the skies, I tried and failed, to keep my guise, I shut them out, kept out of sight, And all the while, I stayed polite, I hid behind, a ...


I am fairly sure your word is Don't say one synonym's a type of fish: It's the same word, not the same meaning. Don't say one synonym's a type of bird: That's a different form of the word. Don't say one synonym's a type of drink: In fact the sound is the only real link. "Replace an approximation by a constant to find badness"? Not a good clue at all! ...


You are I'm really confused I sound like subtraction But really I've refused A positive action Title: Possibly unsurprising riddle


Proposed answer So 1 2 3 4 Hint 1 I got nothing for hint 2


The likely answer to the fourth paragraph: I'm mainly going off of the first two sentences, which reminded me of this image: The third sentence: But this answer isn't really satisfactory to me. It seems like a cop-out. Final sentence: no idea. BUT... A few other notes, starting with the up arrow.

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