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Cool Puzzle! I had never seen these before. Final Solution: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: Step 10: Step 11: Step 12:


Based on You are thus at


I believe this does the trick: Rough line of reasoning:


Partial answer slitherlink part:


As PiIsNot3 found, The next step is to There's one more important piece of information: This last piece of information is the most important: it hints at So, with that information, And finally,


Partial One word that can be extracted is The piece can be interpreted as The piece, with the mechanism applied to it: The only thing I don’t get is


All the starting possibles: The BlackJack player lost: The Roulette player won: Anthony played BlackJack: Charles won:


The details are virtually given directly...


From (1) From (2) w/o bus The rest


Building on shoover's answer, solving it step by step: $30$ has 3 options, $[9, 8, \color{gray}{5}, 4, \color{gray}{3}, 1]$, $[9, 7, \color{gray}{5}, 4, \color{gray}{3}, 2]$ and $[8, 7, 6, \color{gray}{5}, \color{gray}{3}, 1]$ (with gray indicating already known). As $4$ and $6$ already exist around $21$, the box shared by $21$ and $30$ must be either $1$ ...


This was really fun! After working it process of elimination after identifying max and min sums you can get from 6 digits 1-9, I was indeed able to solve. I solved by saving image and notating like I would a Sudoku puzzle with possible choices. When in doubt, I would take combinations and choose absolute smallest or largest combinations between two ...


To get it started: $21$ has to be $1+2+3+4+5+6$ $39$ has to be $9+8+7+6+5+4$ $21$ already has a $4$, so the overlap between $21$ and $39$ has to be $5$ and $6$, but $29$ already has a $5$, so it must get the $6$, while $30$ shares the $5$. (The hex shared by $21$, $30$, and $39$ is $5$, and the hex shared by $21$, $29$, and $39$ is $6$.)


Here is another @Spartakus style solution, following @Draco18s's limitation's on crossings:


Answer: Explanation:




To simplify the pattern finding, this answer:


It is


I think @Jay and @PilsNot3 have it right and that their solutions fit what the OP intended best. However, on the off chance that the OP has a different definition of "contiguous", a few extra possibilities open up. Below are some that I could find that rely on "contiguous" allowing Top left is @Jay's solution and probably the intended one. The other ...


@Jay already found the solution to this, but I wanted to expand a little more on why it's the only solution:


I will guess that it is My reasoning is that


My answer: Below is Meant as comment, but alas @John S posted the following in a comment at It is missing data. However: Also:


The odd one out is the This is because Safe Cracked!


Very long shot; the answer is: Why? Regarding the numeric value of the card we have have the following options: So: Then the two solutions are:


I believe I have the suit for now, which should be


Without guessing: Then Finally


Incidentally, this is Tents, game ID 10x10:acabc_acle_ffeckhad_e,2,2,3,0,4,1,3,1,3,1,5,0,3,1,2,2,1,3,1,2 The logic in detail:           and the rest of the grid falls into place: The final layout:


Badly drawn on my mobile......


I play this game too! I think athin's answer gets you the bottom-right 2x2 and the bottom-left 2x2. I did a similar guess-and-solve to figure the rest. (The undo feature helps this, since it preserves your pencil marks.) Then


If Then Also note that Thus Finally

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