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Solution Methodology The first thing to realise is that I got as far as the following The next thing to realise is that The next step involves an assumption made in hope, namely that Checking through those, we see that Checking these with the board we've got so far, we find that Using this, the board becomes Uniqueness? Feedback section Great ...


A very tough Sudoku, but I think I got it:


As Thomas Markov found in their answer, This can be taken to mean In fact, this answer is quite thematic since


Hexominoes, but with cubes instead of squares. The sheets:


Given the solved nonogram by Anna I believe:


Partial Answer It appears to be an equation, but I haven't looked closely at whether it could be a message disguised as an equation. Either way, the nonogram was fun!


From Somebody's completed nonogram grid, we can see Therefore,


Here is what I have as a completed nonogram. I don't think I've missed anything. I'm not yet sure where to go from here but it's a start!


Completed nonogram grid: This is (thanks @msh210 !) and so the dress code must be Edited to add:


I've found one solution, through some logical reasoning followed by trial and error. Thanks to Skynet_0 for pointing out that one of my solutions is invalid.


Wrap-up: The Making Of Magic Maze Puzzle This is not a solution to the puzzle, but provides notes from its poser. This type of answer has been approved by the community. Caution: This post may contain spoilers. Inspiration This puzzle originates from a competition to invent a new genre of logic puzzle which involved moving objects. I initially asked ...


Finished nonogram: These are Meaning the captain's new boat is literally a


This seems to work (couldn't make arrows, so tried colors instead): Some notes solving it:

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