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The answer is Because We get Taking the Gives


Comparing the provided table to the periodic table we find the following differences: If we figure out what the letters should be we get: With some careful anagram solving skills (an online solver) we can find the word: Which would make sense as the answer because:


Clues (Almost Complete) Thanks to @Deusovi (bold, in the chatroom) and @Stiv (italics, in the comments) for some of these answers, and for noticing that the answers should be... Theme Next Steps


Explanatory 'showcase' answer provided by OP: All three of the existing answers here made great contributions to solving the puzzle (@Graylocke, @samm82, and @berkeleybross - to whom I have awarded the checkmark for being first to find the final answer), but none of them quite described the intended solution path in full (without making any assumptions), ...


The wrong elements So what do we do with this?


The eight patient names 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Summary: And finally: Easter eggs / references:


The elements in this table that are wrong are: With this mistakes, we can see that


Partial Answer: I'm intrigued to see if anyone can build off what I've done to solve the puzzle!


The answers are, in order, and so we learn that people doing pub quizzes are (one hopes) We were told


FULL EDIT: I am updating my "full partial" answer to make it less rambling and confusing. The initial partial post was intended to start some other (cleverer) people solving the puzzle, but it looks like I am currently alone! :) Firstly the part that we know is true: From here we are working anew, with our given hints: The Letter: Fair point in ...


If you can say «mission accomplished», then you are a true


Solved! The answers to the quiz questions are as follows: But - hang on a moment - there's something very familiar about the new barman, 'Tex'... What did he say to the Sergeant? "I'm four steps ahead of you"... There's something very susp- Wait! I know who he is! How can we go about spotting this pattern? Well, first note that quizmaster 'Tex' ...


It is unfortunate that table markup doesn't work inside spoiler blocks. Here are the answers to the quiz questions: Here, So we now have the following: OK, let's work this thing out. At this point we have Now The state of play is now and now Now Now What now? Well, Now all that's left is mopping up. I won't insult your intelligence by showing ...


Building on samm82's answer, and fixing the French fashion designer answer as Enigma said, you get As Graylocke observed, Removing every other letter reveals i.e. the solution is Edit: just realised:


This answer was a group effort between @Graylocke, @berkeleybross, and myself, with a little confirmation from @Enigma, so I'm more than happy to make this a community wiki answer (unless there are any objections or @Stiv wants the +2 rep for accepting XD). The answers to the questions: What you should have done is


I don't know if this is the right answer, but it seems... plausible? So... What does this mean?


The sergeant was told Answers to the questions: A list of the answers: There is a clue in the questions here So, sorting the words: So the message is:


First Solution We can try the following Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Second Solution I have also noticed that Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Hence, we have two valid and different solutions motivated by different aspects of the letters.

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