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I think the answer is: The logic: Then:


Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests match this description. The name includes "programming" but does not require it: You can enter whether you use a computer, manual calculations, or tea leaves to solve the problems. You send me solutions, not programs. The current contest ends on July 18.


PARTIAL ANSWER Solved maze: Poem: Where I got stuck:


First: So, follow the instructions! (Thanks to El-Guest and hexomino for helping me fill in some of the final bits.)


At OP's request, consolidating main steps of @Deusovi's solution with my part into a single solution. Personally, I think Deusovi's part was much more challenging than mine, so if you're inclined to upvote, please upvote both. Summary of Deusovi's work (recommend reading his whole description, which is excellent): Deusovi's key observation: My contribution:...


Partial answer - some progress made, not sure how it lines up with instructions The given grid can be divided into These turn out to be So... what next?


This may not be the intended solution, but it does follow all the instructions:


Partial Answer The dots around the rings are a It solves as (assuming my transcriptions are right): I have no ideas yet on the green dots, yellow and red centers, the bug, or the X.


He hid them in the

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