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Some initial notes (definitely not a solution): Overall: Colours: Rotations: Characters:


Here is a transcription of the puzzle from the first room: Top left tile: LICTRP BQNETU MTSDOP AFYBKA WGIEXN HOFXSO Top right tile: ZWIURI ROKNFT PCEUNV SJQULN DGRETO SFBKUS Bottom left tile: KGDPEV UTRLIE YMNILE USRKYU QYBPRF LEUWIO Bottom right tile: IAKOSL WPEUIT SIUOTI GUGYJF OPLUSH TAMWRK Center tile: 134421 341314 322324 413131 242241 223403 ...


Partial answer Since this has been around for so long, I figured I'd share my progress so far. [NB: I did need to bruteforce the first cipher, and I would've never gotten it without doing that. I also bruteforced the other one, but don't plan to use the information until I figure out how I was supposed to have gotten the key.] 1. Some completely wild ...


The solution is basically a


Well I waited for really a long time but there's no response. So I decided to give the answer: First look at paper #3, ´Ã£óEÕ´CDCE×Ç´BöB÷ÖBs"ÖBsróDBò÷Âä2æ2w§£2òô2ò÷Ä"Ä"Âóä"ÅBô"Ã2ó$Âòô"Âò÷ÂäÂæ£'ÄtróärôtwÆC"Ö2÷¢÷§Å: Then paper #4, (21,22)(37,16)(15,19)(35,13) For #1. Then paper #1: Finally, paper #4:


You have lost a: First note that each clue: Now we can also see that: Now use the diagrams. What we have here are: These can be constructed like so: So now putting the words in green together, we know you have lost:


Each of these: Left column, top: Left column, middle: Left column, bottom: Right column, top: Right column, middle: Right column, bottom: Now what?


The most obvious first step to do is to Next, we Finally,


The first thing to do is work out what shape each diagram represents. Across each row, these are in turn: Next: What do we now have? The highlighted cells on these 8x8 grids of squares: Now, we have identified 16 letters of interest - the same number as the number of "+/-" commands in Step 2 of the puzzle instructions. What we must do next, ...


The answer is: Look down on the top layer. One long word is very prominently visible. That word is: When we do that, we can spot another word in the new grid: Doing that, another new word becomes apparent: Excavate this area down to level 4, and we get the following new grid, concealing the words: Excavate this down to level 5 to find: Excavating this ...

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