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The hidden word is Start by Using these, Descrambling (with help from comments): Now


Partial Progress. Edit: Changed Image, because of new Puzzle Image. Will continue along this path and post when I get more.


Not a complete answer yet, but here's my progress so far: Doing this results in the following riddle: Does this seem correct? There are a couple odd words in there...


Partial answer because I feel like I'm on the right track and have just made a simple yet important error. Assuming the above is correct, that leads me to the next step. Excuse my formatting, I can't get lists to work in spoiler tags (and I'm new to this site, pointers would be helpful).


Answer Solution path


I think I got the first part, but I'm completely stuck after that. Hoping someone can help me finish it. Edit: I've added a bit more progress/thoughts. Edit 2: Credit to JS1 for the ending and his thoughts in the comments. First Part. Second Part. Third Part. Final Answer. Random Thoughts/Clues.


Part 1 The final solution (finally)


Partial and uncertain answer I'm not sure exactly how partial, because I'm not sure exactly what the question is asking nor what parts of it are clues to be picked up as opposed to scene-setting. I'm fairly confident that I have the right overall theme, but there are enough things I can't fit in that I won't be astonished if I turn out to be barking up ...


Looks like your clues aren't cryptic. Please read the guide carefully or retag your question "crosswords". Also, I'm unable to see the grid. Read my profile too. Cannabis consumes a realisation (6) Swedish band sings profanity (6) Cross-dress in Canadian province abbreviation (6) Greek micro-illness uses telephone (7)


I seem to see Not sure if this is correct or what it means.


The name of this puzzle is I solved the Sudoku, then learned from the other answers here, that the next step is to solve a Yajilin, a puzzle type I haven't heard of before. As these both steps are already covered in the other answers, I only give the combined solution here: Now the last step is *Addition:


Perhaps you live in since Perhaps


Partial. Finished the second puzzle, not sure how to read the name of the puzzle from it. Worked Solution.


Sudoku (solved independently) Next step (credits to @jafe in CG’s answer’s comments) Yajilin Numbers shaded:


This is just a work in progress. The Sudoku looks like this: That means the colored numbers are: The surrounding colors looks I have yet to figure out the significance of those numbers, but I'm working on it. The colored numbers could be placed like this (according to their relative positions): The positions of the red and yellow numbers are the only ...


I'm pretty sure it's


Building upon M Oehms excellent observations.


No offence intended, but your husband has got problems... In particular, he's got problems with: How do I know? There's still more, though. The letter blocks are also a part of the message... Putting all of this information together gives us the complete message: What do we make of this? So your husband is writing to: Now choose your own ending!! ...


(Partial answer.) In a comment to the question, JS1 has explained the clue to the first step: Applying that instruction to the ballad yields: That's ...


I'd like to share my progress so far, because I don't know whether I am on the right track or not. With the help of the hints: I have not been able to move an inch from there and I think I am lost. Note: I tried to comment this but apparently there is a reputation limit for that.


It appears that the message can be revealed by For example: I haven't done most of it, but the message appears to be:


It appears that you're A full list of the results:

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