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This puzzle is pretty epic! I've got four of the components solved, but need to stop for the night, so I figured I'd write them up as a community Wiki so others can contribute. Feel free to add to this answer, or post your own if you crush the whole thing! 13 Who's missing? The logic: 12 Who's missing? The logic: 11 Who's gone off the map? The logic: ...


The hidden name is: First, as noted by @JerryDean in comments, we can see from the Example puzzle that: Importantly, this teaches us that... Specifically, like so: Note next that... Now look at the third puzzle image, and... What are these? Well, put them all together and they look like...


Partial answer First blank: Second blank in hints: Third blank in hints: Reasoning:


Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4:


In this audio file, each instrument... The high pitch "beep" (I almost isolated it by EQ'ing everything out below about 3000Hz): The changing sine (?) wave: The right-panned drum/knocking sound: And, of course, the left-panned metallic bell from Jerry Dean's answer (which motivated me to take a crack at this puzzle)... All four of these names.....


It's the infamous... The reason is


As four months have passed since this question was posted, I am sure that the OP has by now found their way past this particular part of the puzzle game. However, in case others have this same question in the future, here's a more complete answer which builds upon that of @Echo... The presence of the Mona Lisa, one of the most famous artworks by Leonardo da ...



The first and most obvious thing to notice is that The next is that It looks as if Let's run with this idea and see whether it works. So what's happening is that


The final answer is The instructions tell us


Let me take a closer look at your ring... ah, it seems you missed So if you just pull here, and push this way...


All bold passages ... So:


Ah, I see what you've done here - let me help you correct it ;-) As you suspect, your answers (reading across the rows) are all incorrect. How can we tell this? Because... If you do this correctly you should get the following output, which satisfies the puzzle's in-built mechanism:

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