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A standard 3-ring gimbal has a unique state (roll, pitch, and yaw) for each orientation in space except for two points where you get gimbal lock. You seem to only need two of the coordinates (roll, pitch). Once the ball is on the spot, the rotation of the sphere about the vertical axis (yaw) does not matter. This rotation only affects the outer gimbal (#2 ...


This is still in rough draft phases, but this is my try: I'm a dwarf of the world But still in sight People take care of me But I put up a fight They think I'm too small To go out in the world But after a while I grow and grow Until I am dwarf no more Ready to venture out and explore What am I?


There are a lot of ways to make words from other words. PART is TRAP backwards. PLAIN is PLAN with an additional letter inserted in the middle. BARRING is BAR plus RING. MONDAY is DYNAMO with the letters rearranged. Many rebuses require the solver to first recognize the words in the picture, and then manipulate those words in some way to produce the answer. ...

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