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Eureka! Burr: Steps 1-2: Steps 3-4: Steps 5-7: And the rest are super trivial. Final Burr: Sudoku + Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Now we have come to the exciting part, with some dilemmas... I guess we need to take a leap of faith soon. Step 4: Assume T at Row3Col5, which leads to H at Row3Col2. Yellow would lead to contradiction on Col5. So yellow is false....


New entries are marked by * Multi-digit entries are understood to show all that is not ruled out yet. Very clever and ingenious trick / shameless cheat:


I must have missed the trick somehow. You can fill in a few 1/2/3/4s straight away. After that there are only two spaces left in the top right, which are 8/9 in some order. I tried the one that seemed to give most information, hoping to get a contradiction and eliminate it. After that I just followed my nose - you can get the rest of the 8s, then the 6s and ...

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