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Below is the completed grid. But before you look, I'd suggest that if you enjoy cryptic clues and crosswords, why not give this one a go yourself? There's a ton of lovely wordplay and many excellently constructed clues to discover. It's late, so I'm going to leave it at that for now. But clearly, several of the answers are pointing towards


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I hope Gladys enjoys her break in: The completed grid: Clue explanations: For the record, I loved so many of these clues that it's hard to pick a favourite this time (although, if pushed, it'd probably be one of 2D or 8D). Another excellent crossword from Jafe - what a treat for Christmas morning!


First, here's the solved cryptic crossword: Clue explanations: Next, note that... If we take the highlighted letters from the blank sequences and rearrange them, we can find 'a magical place to be with these sorts of characters':

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