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Update: Corrections and completion, thanks to @wI After a few hours there is no other solution, so here is my "not-quite" attempt:


A clearer explanation for some clues: Caution: This post may contain spoilers. Way to defeat everyone (5)* Performer's departing could be melodramatic problem (7)* Primarily deploying Uranium in the destruction of bed lice can be reasoned out (9) I haven't figured out the solution yet. By the way, the clue seems to be way too long. Mutated tuna's ...


Grid: Brief explanations and a few grumbles as requested: A few more general comments: Final remark: I realise that I have neither answered the question in the title, nor noticed anything in the puzzle that indicates that it doesn't need answering. @Avi, is there a further step I am supposed to be taking in order to consider the puzzle solved?


"I'll make them a crossword they can't resist!" Across Down The grid The theme


Grid: Across Maybe St. Paul's Hospital admitted Polanski's wife, approximately half-hour missing (5,7) Moving canoe to the sea (5) Natural bottled water brand is all about having tea (6) Vera's picture includes food that looks like jelly (5) Adam's wife seen with new man (4) Singing groups are rich – so ludicrous (6) Vera recognized prisoners, which ...


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