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Solutions to the first three parts: The maze:


You need the Crosswords (Omega Krypton did a lot of these independently of me and probably earlier; I haven't looked at their answers) lead to these letters: Statue View solution: Brief explanation (i.e., transcription of my notes while solving the Statue View): Maze solution by "flood-fill": This


1. Crossword (blue squares) Across 1. Separately 4. Hurry 7. Physical or online locations 10. Caesar's planet 13. Venomous snake 14. Milan cathedral 15. Plantagenets and Lancasters 18. Avoid, escape 19. Slim, smooth Down 1. Dumas character 2. Economic resource 3. Levels or makers of knots 10. Shy, fearful 11. Fictional Vietnam War veteran 12....


The grid: The location: Individual clue explanations:


Another partial answer: Across Down


Partial Answer A12 D13

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