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I got This was my try. I haven't counted the steps yet but I will do it later.


I tried another path : i got Here's my path (sorry for the very bad paint editing. There's a yellow mark every 10 moves) I tried to make the two 'back and forth' sections as clear as possible, but the left one is still hard to see. From the bottom, I head to the boost, then I grab the X and i go back to the boost. This was done without a program so there ...


The best I could do is The path I took was Red is the main path, and blue indicates a short trip to grab an X and get back onto the path. I do not know for sure whether the solution is optimal.


First puzzle: Second puzzle: Third puzzle: Fourth puzzle: Fifth puzzle: Sixth puzzle: Seventh puzzle:


This reminds me of the game Ricochet Robot. Tutorial solutions Here's my initial solution for the first puzzle. Second puzzle

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