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A solution would be to have some visual puzzles, who have a direction as a second layer. For example, a Crossword labelled "Complete me, and I will tell you where to go" - and, once completed, drawing lines between the letter "I"s in the answer will create an arrow pointing in a direction. Or logic puzzle like a "liars" puzzle with labelled pictures of ...


The answer to a puzzle can be reduced to either being correct or incorrect. Thus you can make almost any puzzle have two outcomes by simply giving a correct option A and an incorrect but persuasive option B. The real issue is if the puzzle can be undermined if the solver simply tests both options; essentially reverse engineering the puzzle (e.g. a typical ...



Jafe's hint: Uif qjsbuf't dbmnmz xbjujoh, ijt mfht tujmm cfjoh cpvoe: Ipx dbo if tubsu, opu lopxjoh Xibu tmjuifst jo uif hspvoe. Znk qtomnz oy grsuyz xkgje, Yusk rkzzkxy soyyotm - ckrr, Oz tkbkx sgzzkxkj cngz znke ckxk, Haz xgznkx cnkxk znke lkrr. Sgd qnkkdq'r, sgntfg, hm ozmhb: Ghr qgxldr vdqd zkk hfmnqdc: Mnv gd hr bqnrrdc: ...


Merging of Piece 5 and Piece 7 from @jafe's answer:


Solutions to the first three parts: The maze:


You need the Crosswords (Omega Krypton did a lot of these independently of me and probably earlier; I haven't looked at their answers) lead to these letters: Statue View solution: Brief explanation (i.e., transcription of my notes while solving the Statue View): Maze solution by "flood-fill": This


1. Crossword (blue squares) Across 1. Separately 4. Hurry 7. Physical or online locations 10. Caesar's planet 13. Venomous snake 14. Milan cathedral 15. Plantagenets and Lancasters 18. Avoid, escape 19. Slim, smooth Down 1. Dumas character 2. Economic resource 3. Levels or makers of knots 10. Shy, fearful 11. Fictional Vietnam War veteran 12....

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