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The intended answers for 3 and 4 were given by @hexomino. The intended answers for 1 and 2


I think that if you look at the arrangement you can see a: So the answer is the:


Here's what I think they are 1 2 3 4


The answer is Your first's in a puddle but not in a pail. Your second's in fourth, first, three-hundredth, and third. Your third and your sixth, when abroad, are in jail. Your fourth is in stormclouds and also in steam. Your fifth is in cookies but never in cream. Your third and your sixth, when abroad, are in jail. Your last's in your meaning but not ...


This could be


The missing word is If you Like this


Wrap up and Answer for To be honest we're genuine This is a solution to the puzzle and provides notes from its poser. This type of answer has been approved by the community. CAUTION: This post contains spoilers for the puzzle. Being familiar with I started by Thinking it was going to be too hard... That gave us another way of thinking with it: With that,...


This is a fun little puzzle! As clued by the bottom-most node of the diagram, which features an 'I' in brackets, each node of the pictured graph represents: Meanwhile, the numbers suggest that: So how do we annotate the diagram? I would propose that we need to: But this could involve a whole heap of guesswork, right? WRONG This means that our final ...


Since the no-computers tag wasn't added, I wrote an algorithm utilizing YAWL to prove that; They are; Of these, only: I verified it as a valid "Scrabble" word using this website. Even though it didn't count, the one I found the most interesting was: Fun fact; The algorithm I created worked by: For those interested, here's the C# code that ...


The answer is


Left Guardian is ... Right Guardian is ...


You are a: Spin me thrice and I end like this Thrice more and I end with meat Once more and I end with a stinger Thus spun all around, I'm played with by flingers


Hold on a sec, allow me a moment to: My suffix is done to stew My prefix a distilled brew My infix is within My outfix makes 10 out of 10 All together, this gives us:


You are a I could be a fruit or I could be an embarrassing faux pas I could be what you want with one that drops your jaw I could be more boring, just a descriptor of your days I could be many things, but I go by just one name


The answer is: The numbers in the equation ... Note that ... Hmm. And now?


Across Down Still Thinking:


The last line here is pretty key: three’s exact placement is directly prior to five. Since: Regarding the title:



The things being diagrammed This leads to the aha moment -- that this chart The full answer:


The answer is The reasoning is that

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