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What words come next in the sequence?

Here's a suggestion (explaining my earlier comment on the question itself). If you look... So it seems we have a rule, and we should be able to apply it to find candidates for the next few terms by......
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Two Blinkers, A Pair of Boats, etc

I think the answers are as follows Notice how it spells That's because For example Another example Try it for yourself Title Explanation (thanks to Amoz for drawing my attention)
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Lingual Trinity

It's been a while, so I'll just reveal the answer. Mr. E. L., Mr. E. E., and Mr. R. K. stand for, as @Deusovi noticed correctly: The gimmick of the riddle is that each participant cannot The word ...
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On top of itself

The word you are looking for is: Because if you... Step by step:
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Two masons laying bricks

The solution is either 2400 bricks or 1200 bricks, depending on how you interpret the clause When they work together [...] they lay 30 fewer bricks per hour. If you interpret that each one lays 30 ...
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Three quiet men

The answer is the four-letter word: See me on one after a second din I'm the third man I stopped solving at four and I'm on five As for the Hint: The title relates to...
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Riley Riddle in the game

The Riley Riddle resolves to clue the board game: My first can hold flags. My second lasts three months. My last is your attention. My whole is the game you're playing. We're not done yet. ...
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Symsquare Number 04

I think the solution is supposed to look like this: With the clue parts defined as follows: Anagram Hidden word Charade Straight clue Double Meaning Unclued word
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