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Here is one answer which involves stacking to cut through multiple pieces in one cut. First draw on the circle 11 wedges of equal size; like a pizza cut into 11 slices the same size as you would normally expect. Our first 2 cuts are are used to cut the circle almost in half; one half will have 5/11 pieces, and the other will have 6/11 pieces. The cuts do ...


A solution in 16.5 moves exists, created by Italian composer G. Ponzetto in 2000. I found it being posted by user @AussieRookie in this thread:


You can do it in


13 moves: 12½:


Here's a not-really-optimized solution, 14 moves:


Here's a score of 24 I'm pretty sure this is optimal, because


It gets a bit messy, but in the end it comes down to algebra.

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