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Blanked out board with clues Remaining Letters Very fun puzzle, thank you!


The grid: Clues: Some comments:


Part 1: The Solved Grid The solved grid is below: The logic for the left side portions was relatively straightforward. There were no particularly difficult steps - just searching for the next place progress can be made, like solving a jigsaw puzzle. A few sections had extra information that seems important: Part 2: The Messages


Partial: Criss Cross and Three to one solved (There are three letters missing to the right of ‘Three to one’ that I can’t yet place without solving the bottom right area) Three to one: Criss cross: However I know that Deus has all four parts and is looking at the next steps so I expect this to become obsolete :) Still very fun to solve!!! Edit: congrats ...


Partial answer - grid solved, missing small bit of explanation The trick to this puzzle is that Additionally, The grid: Clues: Also,


The completed grid: Clue answers:

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