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Step-by-step deduction Start from the bottom: Now consider the 3-letter words beginning with P. Now in the top right we have limited possibilities: Now there's lots of other stuff to be filled in around those long words on the left, and some other deductions which lead us all the way to the centre. Now only four 5-letter words remain to be used: And ...


Here's the grid with the messages highlighted. The messages say


Solved independently of @El-Guest (kudos for being first to find a solution to the crossword), with two differences: The resulting letters in gold boxes are: Rearranging these letters can produce the following 4 country names: What is the connection between these 4 countries? Well, there are potentially several - but one lends itself naturally to an ...


Partial answer because it’s now past my bedtime. Finished the crossword but I don’t think this solution is unique (in the upper right corner, specifically) so I don’t know if I have the right letters. As such, though:


The number is I'm still not sure how the crossword or table is linked. Crossword solution Next step: Find how the crossword and table are used to hint to the solution.


The completed crossword is: The gold squares then yield up the letters: ...which after a little bit of tinkering, will anagram to: EDIT: An additional note on my solving process, if interested:


The answer to the question of what your crossword is missing is: A lot of credit for solving the initial crossword and wordsearch needs to go to @BeastlyGerbil (go upvote their answer!) with helpful contributions in comments from @Anthroman, @LannyStrack, @teedyay and @oAlt. The solution details for those are listed in full in BG's answer, with the finished ...



Final answer: @Stiv found the final answer, go see his answer for an explanation! The thing you are missing in your crossword is Crossword solution: Now clearly there is something a bit odd about this crossword... Clue explanations: Across: Down: Word search All the words follow a pattern Words: Now: See Stivs answer for the final step!


Partial answer: 5c. A sum with the two summands (The previous answer didn't say this, so l put it here.)

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