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This one's an absolute gem. Do have a go before reading on. The solution is long and involved, and I don't have a program handy for fancy animations, so I'll only give the general outlines, with more detail on the critical bits. Universe A First things first, we have only one chance of guiding the Pink Lady Stickotaur of Universe A (henceforth called the &...


EDIT: I missed that the question asked for the digits 1 through 9 used exactly once. My logic works for a date that has numbers 1 through 9 used no more than once. Ensqare was born on Reasoning: Note: If anyone want's to format my tables to be prettier, I would greatly appreciate it


After the first statement (numbers are square), we can say that : Here are the remaining digits : This leaves as the only possibility for day and minutes : The third statement allows us to And so the answer is : (Sorry if my English is not very good, this is a foreign language for me.)


WLOG, let's assume the ball is initially in cup 1 on the left. Then, the probability of the final position of the ball is: There are numerous ways of counting this, but here is a neat method using a triangle! But before that Now let's introduce the triangle! Now what? Conclusion:


The second universe seems to be just a simple detour, so let's solve that first. Clean up the prison in the middle: UeReD eReUe (10 actions) Bring the 'taur to the wormhole: DLULU DRDDL e (11 actions) Clean bottom part: ReReR eU (7 actions) Juke the 'taur into the prison: UDU (3 actions) Eat the rest of the apples: eUeLe LeLe (9 actions) Return to the ...


Managed one with 8 steps, a questionable word (with a merriam-webster definition), and the assumption that changing a letter could also mean insertion/deletion.


Here's one answer with 10 steps...and one word I'm not too happy with:


Here's one list of 10 words Here are some definitions/examples for some of the words.


Here's my grid. Unfortunately I didn't capture any mid-process, and used some online word search tools.

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