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Part 1 The final solution (finally)


The name of this puzzle is I solved the Sudoku, then learned from the other answers here, that the next step is to solve a Yajilin, a puzzle type I haven't heard of before. As these both steps are already covered in the other answers, I only give the combined solution here: Now the last step is *Addition:


Partial. Finished the second puzzle, not sure how to read the name of the puzzle from it. Worked Solution.


Sudoku (solved independently) Next step (credits to @jafe in CG’s answer’s comments) Yajilin Numbers shaded:


This is just a work in progress. The Sudoku looks like this: That means the colored numbers are: The surrounding colors looks I have yet to figure out the significance of those numbers, but I'm working on it. The colored numbers could be placed like this (according to their relative positions): The positions of the red and yellow numbers are the only ...

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