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Help with Star Battle puzzle

Take a look at the: It requires: Image: Further Steps and Tricks: Any 2x2 set of cells can only have one star. Look at: Most of these techniques are covered here (KrazyDad is the source of this ...
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A Crabby Sudoku

Partial answer. I found an interesting deduction early on.
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A Crabby Sudoku

The solved grid: Starting in the middle: Pencilmark the thermos: A general observation: Back to box 5 real quick: Then back on the track: Let's look back in row 6: Some small deductions: Look ...
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A Trivial Pursuit #25: Meta-Analysis

Wrap-up: The Making Of A Trivial Pursuit This is not a solution to this meta-puzzle, but provides notes from its poser concerning this puzzle's set-up and the wider series to which it belongs. This ...
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Plumbing Issues

Gladys is at This is the completed grid: Then Solution path for the grid:
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Masyu: Four Colours

Whilst a solution image has been posted already, a solution path has not. Since this is a pretty tricky puzzle with some interesting deductions, I figure it is worth explaining to other potential ...
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A small board-puzzle

Why the accepted solution is unique: I could proceed with some case-bashing, but instead I'll ask: How can this be arranged?
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A small board-puzzle

A symmetric solution (with pieces represented by Os):
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Masyu: Four Colours

Working mostly with numberlink logic and correcting errors on the fly, I have found this solution:
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Continue in 6x6 Towers puzzle

In row 5:
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Logic and Geometry Problem #6

Can there be a square on which neither Red nor Blue can place a stone?
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Cover me, I'm going in!

Gladys is visiting The answers to the crossword clues are as follow. Then we can fill the answers into the grid, starting from the longest ones. Doing so we can gradually fill all the cells. So ...
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