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The answer to this puzzle... We find this by: Doing so results in something that looks like this (in spoiler, below) and the final answer can be read off: A note on my solve path:


Epilogue: Outstanding solution by @Amoz Here is the image that inspired this puzzle:


In a solitude of the great rectangle of pipes, plus signs, and hyphens lies a list of words. They are aligned in a staggered manner along a vertical bar which suggests they should be And so we try this and Now! we see a pattern! The first word is FORESIGHT.


Looks like you might be receiving some First step: Second step: So lets look at the riddle, to which the answer is I'm something useful, untouchable, yet buyable. I am expensive, however l'm not sensitive, I feel nothing. I'm the 2nd generation, without DNA. What l'm worth? I go up and down. I'm short with 3 letters. But guess what? I'm useful! I ...


I think I got part 2 If you take the first moderate hint, you can realize that To use it, So, we end up with

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