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100 animals of 4 types If you select 85 there are guaranteed to be all 4 types How many do you need to select to be guaranteed at least 3 different kinds? So I say 69 is the answer. It's worth noting that the problem as stated doesn't say you have to select 85 to be guaranteed to have one of each type, just that if you do select 85 you are guaranteed to ...


My answer to $5+32$ is $135$ Reasoning: The given numbers can be written as follows: $2*2^1-1^2=3$ $3*2^2-2^2=8$ $4*2^3-3^2=27$ $5*2^5-5^2=135$


if you select any 85 pets in this shop, then there will invariably be at least one hamster, at least one ferret, at least one chinchilla, and at least one guinea pig

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