It's probably due to scheduling.


Maybe Village B is near the so the trip from Village A


I think


The answer is Here's why: More detailed proof:




The wife: NOTE:


I'm not sure Vic has any idea this hit man had it out to get him, so let us build a scenario where Vic is oblivious:


The club is a The calculations are So the answer for 21+3 is 23. Twelve is a special number, in that Edit from the OP: According to it


He was framed for the murder by popular musicians Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Clearly they knew he would be coming somehow.


I'm thinking your neighbors are and the package is 501 502 503 (You) 504 (Your brother) 505 506 507 The Package




Assuming that, other than real/fakeness, the diamonds are all indistinguishable from each other: With this approach, Incidentally,


I have a possible solution which no-one else has yet suggested. It has the virtue of simplicity. My reasoning: I'd consider the following answers equivalent to my solution (you might not agree): The OP gets a bounty from me if: Double bounty if: Update after reading OP's solution: yay! Nailed it. :)


The reason is actually simpler and more intuitive than the other answers:


The answer is:


The murderer was because


She just bought EDIT : 2nd answer for fun (solely based on the fact that there is a "situation" tag. Be prepared for a really convoluted answer) jenny was buying because the situation is the following :


You could count upwards from 1, because none of the numbers less than a billion contains the letter "b". However, this might be repeating words if "101" is considered to contain "one". (The version I've seen before is "Provide 100 words that don't contain the letter 'a'.") If you happen to have the system memorized, you can use polygon names instead.


On both occasions, when the farmer sees his friend's house he is This is a short and simple solution and seems to match everything stated in the puzzle.




They were married this day. On this day, the wife shot the husband, held him under water and then hung him up. Then they went out on a honeymoon. Wonderful relationship. But how is this logical? Explain.


I'm going to guess that Here is a picture of what probably happened


Perhaps it was


The old man was supposed to be practically blind by now. However: the old man couldn't believe his eyes and almost cried to the signboard at the entry: TODAY SPECIAL: SEAGULL MEAT! He can suddenly read, which means that during the stay on the island his eyesight was somehow cured. Apparently, seagul meat (or human flesh, when the other answers are also ...


First, tie one end of the rope to the to hook and climb down to the ledge. Cut (without dropping) the rope that hangs below the ledge, then climb back to the roof carrying the extra rope that you cut. At the top, untie the rope from the hook. You now have two lengths of rope: one that is 400 feet long and one that is 200 feet long. While you're on top of ...


They were


From a lateral point of view, you've not actually stated that he was arrested for his wife's murder. He could therefore have been arrested because:


Several answers have got the basic idea, but here is (what I believe to be) the full solution. When the old man ate the seagull meat, he discovered The first thing the old man realised: The second thing the old man realised: The third thing the old man realised: In summary: He couldn't live with this knowledge and he killed himself.


You could argue that the following house works: Though: Note:

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