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92 votes

Why do I always catch Bus B instead of Bus A?

It's probably due to scheduling.
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How could the driver waste time?

Maybe Village B is near the so the trip from Village A
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They all gave the same one word answer - What answer did they give?

They all said Note: The question at the time of posting was (emphasis mine): Three men travel for almost a day across an unknown distance to a meeting point. One travelled by car, another by horse ...
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83 votes

They all gave the same one word answer - What answer did they give?

They all said Horseback: Car: Boat:
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64 votes

Why the 7 Apples?

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63 votes

A great wife — but not very logical

The wife: NOTE:
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58 votes

How did the hit man miss?

I'm not sure Vic has any idea this hit man had it out to get him, so let us build a scenario where Vic is oblivious:
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57 votes

The Evicted Tenant

I'm thinking your neighbors are and the package is 501 502 503 (You) 504 (Your brother) 505 506 507 The Package
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50 votes

Three Subway Escalators

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48 votes

Half filled water bottle

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46 votes

Guy who understands if a diamond is genuine by just looking at it

Assuming that, other than real/fakeness, the diamonds are all indistinguishable from each other: With this approach, Incidentally,
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44 votes

The head chef and the mad king

The answer is:
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42 votes

That's What SHE Said!

She just bought EDIT : 2nd answer for fun (solely based on the fact that there is a "situation" tag. Be prepared for a really convoluted answer) jenny was buying because the situation is the ...
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41 votes

They all gave the same one word answer - What answer did they give?

They all said: Valid if not 100% useful.
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40 votes

"I claim this corner of the world for Britain!" - What game are Alex and Brooke playing?

You are playing: First move: Second move: Third move: Fourth move: Final move: Clever observation from Braegh:
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39 votes

Why the 7 Apples?

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36 votes

Four boys and four girls

Each boy was sitting next to a girl from the very beginning: ...
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34 votes

A great wife — but not very logical

They were married this day. On this day, the wife shot the husband, held him under water and then hung him up. Then they went out on a honeymoon. Wonderful relationship. But how is this logical? ...
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34 votes

All hail the Victor

I'm going to guess that Here is a picture of what probably happened
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33 votes

Masked strangers take baby at knifepoint

Perhaps it was
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30 votes

A house facing North and South, but not other directions

You could argue that the following house works: Though: Note:
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30 votes

No Shirt, No Shoes, Service

The description of "5/8 of the way into [your] meal" could imply that you are: This particular establishment: This means that among the clientele would be: The shoe-less customer could therefore be:...
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29 votes

A man is born in 1955

The answer is simply: I have heard this one before but I don't remember where, maybe the movie you mentioned.
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The head chef and the mad king

The Chef should:
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28 votes

I’ve officially counted to infinity!

I find it hard to believe she managed this in only 10 minutes, but all she needs to do is count to 1,461,559,270,678...
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28 votes

No Shirt, No Shoes, Service

It's additive therefore,
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27 votes

Why won't the plane start?

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27 votes

The case of the pranking snowplow

You mention this was circa 1990 because You mention the You use the
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I’ve officially counted to infinity!

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Which household object drew this pattern?

A marker could have been attached to one of these: Or maybe near one end of this?
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