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With the bare minimal force required to not drop it, Rita If there were different universes, It is trivial to show that, in fact, nothing happens. So Rita proves Joe's conjecture is false. Joe might argue that Law 7, or Rita's grip itself, still explains this.


She uses This works because


*This is not a serious, scientific answer Rita If Joe were right,


Possibly you are I am made up of 3 things, of which 2 things are same. I have total of 10 something inside me. If you see me properly, I am a palindrome..


The answer is that Why?


Well, I doubt this is the intended answer, but...


Let's start with an easy bit. The top left To the right of this To the right of that Below that, Below that, Back at the left side, below the numbers, and to the right below which Next we have And just below this we have After that I think we have To the right of that is Now look over on the right-hand side. We see Which means But So. It ...


It is strange because


So the point here seems to be to treat each of the snake's cryptic utterances as leading to and then combine these to get The first set: which presumably indicates The second: leading us to Now, there are some degrees (ha!) of freedom here because In that case I get to


It's Virtuous, but I'm of no form My seat's right at the very top Where gangs of many is the norm My one peer is one that goes 'pop' Though my uses are many Lifting is my best known work At this my one peer beats me Yet its temper, few dare irk


You're a I sleep with the stars I could land in your bed I can move square to square and it completes the rhyme!


If cuts are allowed to meet the perimeter between the start and end, as in Peregrine Rook's answer, the best you can do is You can't do it with fewer. Of course, if cuts aren't allowed to hit the perimeter in between (and I suspect that is the intended interpretation), Deusovi's answer is correct.


Break the message into Then get the Finally, The message is from



How about


They shoot... If the mirror was a window, then... Now where do you get a... ...and a corresponding... your own home? Simple. You grab a screwdriver and pick apart... ...and with that we know that the mirror is not a window into another world.


Well, the first stage seems clear enough: So: I am not sure yet what comes next -- maybe it involves In TSL chat, Sconibulus cunningly observes (and OP seems to imply this is the correct next step) that And then, with a bit of a nudge from OP in TSL chat, Sid noticed that which is surely the intended answer. It happens that which (see, again, TSL chat)...


The mathematician is who said (at least according to the puzzle)


A simple way for her to disprove this is to use


My solution doesn't fit the hint, but nonetheless, Then Then After that, simply


For number two: For number three: For number five: For number four:


Password: Overall question details: Images (listed in order shown on the board (number refers number shown on the picture)): 9: 2 (listed in order from top left to bottom right (across then down)): 2.1: 2.2: 2.3: 2.4: Which together might mean: 4: 11: 1: 5: 8: 3: 10: 7: 6: Pattern: Next Step: Footnote: @Neon612 helped find a bunch of the ...


I'm going with I've provided the link between man and machine. In rivers and trees, respectively, I can be seen. I've been key in measuring the speed of light. The Pacific Ocean is where I developed flight. To measure current flux, I gave my label. I once was a particle, but my matter became unstable.


Original solution by YowE3K   (who later turned it into this community wiki) This isn't an answer to the exact question, but the following link is to an image that I thought was worth looking at anyway: And @justhalf found another image which looks even more like the one in the question, except rotated 90 degrees: I'm thinking that the actual ...


This answer was perfectly valid before the edit to the question which added rule #10, nullifying this method. This mainly takes advantage of Rule 6: We cannot exchange matter into these universes because for every one particle that attempts to cross the threshhold, exactly one congruent particle meets it at the barrier. Rita picks up (and uses) Because ...


The answer is The flags are These have the two letter codes These correspond to atomic symbols for Which have atomic numbers


The first one must be because The second must be because


My suggestion would be to: This would work because:


My understanding is that •Write all the digits of pi on this piece of paper •Hold in front of me a baby that is exactly two days old. •Bring me a metal object that weighs exactly one kilogram.* •Bring me a glass filled with something other than water that is exactly the same density as water.

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