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Maybe your friend is using Because then the 'D' key:



Your friend does all his writing using: He is constantly rewording sentences and editing his writing. He is also quite new to editing with this software. You should really send him a command cheatsheet, so he can stop abusing his keyboard and, more importantly, his flexor tendons.


Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Answer from an experienced and sympathetic father of 3.


Section One I started by researching futhark, Germanic/Teutonic, Anglo-saxon runes. I don't interpret the characters too tightly as "modern" letters. (Note: These are stylised characters, bull past the flair to "see" them.) The crosses ARE Greek as suggested by a few commentators in the article linked to in OP. I don't see how the crossbars at the tips ...



The cookbook should have read: "Reduce the recipe temperature by 36°F." (Or perhaps 35 or 40, for a "round" amount—"36" implies an unwarranted degree of precision.) The original source that the cookbook was based on presumably said "reduce by 20°C." However, Celsius and Fahrenheit are relative scales (with different definitions of zero), not absolute scales....


After re-reading the question carefully, I see no reason not to


You could


I believe it's because


Instead of inventing ice cream (which will definitely change the molecular make up of the milk, by the way), you could also venture deeper into the lateral thinking loophole abyss and Mission accomplished. Because loopholes.


I believe that the answer is To expand a bit on that, let's consider the 3 possible strategies (considering only the filling time and waiting time): Refill my bottle first, then try to take the bus Try to take the bus, then refill my bottle later Refill some first, try to take the bus, then refill again later In conclusion:


They are:


Another way to do this Steps: Note



on the practical side... The problem is so bland that even the bonus makes no difference:


Follow Steps 1 and 2 of Pugmonky's solution. Then Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Please don't try this at home...


This appears to be Elian Script. I'm not sure I can read the writer's handwriting entirely (and they seem to have added some nonstandard things like a zigzag for T), but the first few lines read: PAR?NRE RENR ?HE C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! I REALLY WANT MY PEN! Edit by OP: I spend some time to fully decipher it but I think Deusovi deserves the real credit for ...


Well, I doubt this is the intended answer, but...


I think it's one of those rebus puzzles. :)


Here's my explanation


@MatthewJensen has provided a very reasonable possible explanation. The OP has however indicated that the car left the parking spot before the rain. This prompts the consideration of an alternative mechanism: In fact, if we constrain ourselves to inside-the-box thinking in a car-in-the-rain situation and approach this as a physics problem, these two ...


Following on from Rand al'Thor's answer... Level Three Our next challenge can be found... The hidden page is... The remaining pages give the ingredients we need: Or more compactly: Rearranging: Level Four This level is a fairly simple exercise, and following the instructions gives the answer Level Five Looking back and using the pictures provided ...


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Oh, I'm obviously thinking too far outside the box, but this is a cute solution:


This puzzle is called a "Baguenaudier" which is French for "Time Waster". This solution assumes that you are holding the handle end on the left. The rings are numbered from right to left starting at 1. The solution to the puzzle involves a couple possible moves. 1) The first ring is always available to put on or take off of the bar. You take it off the ...




If the piece of paper is rectangular and not too rigid:


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