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I must be missing something because I'm getting a lot more than 54 mates-in-two for the position below? I have 116 listed, although I'm doing this by hand so there may be some errors included. Is there some rule I haven't considered?


Here is the answer for practice ones: 1: 2: 3: To construct b=3; As show below for i=9. The general idea is actually the same as above, if you want to increase b for example, if you want b=5 and i=9; or for example, if you want b=20 and i=9; So you should so you can create polygons with every $i\geq0$ and $b\geq3$ values with the method above.


A slightly different approach, drawn terribly


I drew it! Everything below is my original post: @Bass had a very similar idea to mine. Funny how that works. I was going to wait and try to actually draw it, but I feel like it isn't worth the effort, now. Edit


OK, so here's my track design, or at least the functional part of it. I call it The Candle of Chicken. Unlike the examples above, I've marked the spots that are not walls, that is, there's only a very narrow path available from the start at the bottom. The starting points are symmetrical, and there's only one choice to make: Either stop after the first ...


Will this work? Because

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