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Okay, the actual strategy. If the secret number is three digits long, which number would take the least guesses? Which secret number would take the most guesses?


Here's a list that satisfies the rule that upon entering a state, you are forced to choose a town with a strictly different name


It so happens that There is a town named " Greenville" in every state in the US. So you can go to each Greenville


You can do this with the same method as the previous question.


You always have a simple 50% strategy: Whatever the opponent chooses, there are exactly 3 good spin results and 3 bad ones for you. Your opponent always has a simple 50+% strategy: Doing otherwise is always worse, or equal at best; there are no possible bullet configurations where there are more than 3 "good" spin results for the player going first. ...


The main thing to do here: Now, to execute:

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