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My solution for question 2


Here is the first part solution (Question 1): Here is the second part solution (Question 2):


Cryptic clue solutions: The connections: Figuring out the final answer: As per OP, the answer is also hinted by


From the facts about the first grid My first guess of the genre was Naturally, the next step would be It is not very hard, if we focus on the number 5: Therefore, Now to the second grid. With transcribed numbers, the grid to solve is this: Starting with R4 and focusing on fives, Then it gets a little harder... Finally... Reading the sums of each ...


OK I found the answer, it is an actual game: For the hitori, see the other answer Note: Assuming this is correct: I certainly will not make new one before the weekend, and I don't have the rules of this game.


Partial answer. Full write-up of the Hitori solution.

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