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First, we need to figure what is the minimum amount of superconductor that we'll lose when making the cut. Optimally, we can cut the large cube net into two smaller cube nets without any waste at all. Let's start by trying to find such a cube net: The blue and yellow parts are pretty simple cube wraps, so after the cut, we can easily make the required two ...


I have an attempt with 9 dots. It looks like the minimum is 10, but I can't find my mistake. Is there a square here I'm missing?


I tried it with 9 dots removed.


Since I cannot post pictures in a comment, here's my question in clearer terms: Did I form a square by drawing lines between dots? (I know I did. Does it count, though?) (For better visibility, I deviated from the apparent standard of using near-imperceptible shade changes, and marked the relevant dots with bell peppers instead.)


Here's an answer with the removal of Answer If we interpret the question as Bass did, then I think we can remove Answer to Bass' version


Here's one with 10 dots removed. I tried for a long time to find one with 9, but I didn't succeed.



We can do it as follows

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