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This paper by Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley answers a slightly different question - finding monohedral disc dissections where not all pieces touch the centre - but the results generally apply to this problem too. My favourite answer is this one: Note that this one has interior pieces that don't even have a single point on the boundary. There is an ...


This is a minor upgrade on @sybog64's answer: One way of thinking about it is to start with this configuration and then taking groups of 2 slices and rotating each group by 120°.


I haven't found a perfect solution, my pieces are symmetrical but not identical


Solving strategy:


There is a solution which is unique (up to rotation). If you want to solve it yourself, here is a hint describing the orientation of the pieces: Solution: To be honest, I used a computer to solve it. In general there is no quick way to find a solution to an edge-matching puzzle, or prove whether there is or isn't a solution except in some specific extreme ...

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