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Now I've got it ! Just finished generating all possible solutions for a given number of operations. Had to discard some answers because of float overflow so I hope big numbers means lower score. Best scores up to 5 operations were found by Roman Odaisky and zixuan. Here's a solution for 6 operations : with a score of 0.86778360, but it's still less than ...


Another alternative option is installing Google on a fresh device you have never used to search with and see the results this returns (e.g. installing the Google app on your phone without syncing your previous history).


I'd start by opening a private window in your browser. All major browsers offer this option nowadays. That might not be enough, since location can also have a great influence on your search (depending on context; the influence is greater when you search for 'restaurant' than for 'restaurant in Paris'). You might want to use a VPN to 'hide' your location from ...

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