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Keys and Locks Puzzle

I believe the condition is: This condition is sufficient. Is this condition necessary?
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Transferring 9 pegs on a 9x9 grid

21 moves for a 9x9 board My code did a meet-in-the-middle search. 21 moves is optimal. Other board sizes 14 moves for 7x7 Shifting the pegs 2 squares diagonally takes 9 moves. Shifting the pegs 4 ...
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Number of 3x3 One Up puzzles

I can confirm Pontus's answers for $3 \times 3$ and $4 \times 4$. I used Python for enumerating possible boards and Z3 for checking if each board has a unique solution: ...
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Number of 3x3 One Up puzzles

I think the answer for $3\times3$ is For $4\times4$, I get I generated all possible sets of walls ($2^{12}$ for $3\times3$ and $2^{24}$ for $4\times4$) and ran a back-tracking algorithm for each of ...
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How many Wordle images are there?

I count 238 possible row-colorings: ...
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