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The fruits of my labor: Extension to larger grids: Improvement, possibly optimal:


To kick this thing off, I've got: EDIT: I've come across useful patterns that provide good answers for even $n$ greater than 6: Imgur Link


Black can stalemate in move White's job here is moving their pieces such that black can capture almost every move while bringing their pieces into the final position. Final position:


13 moves (25 ply): 1. e3 a5 2. Qh5 Ra6 3. Qxa5 h5 4. h4 Rah6 5. Rh3 f6 6. Qxc7 Kf7 7. Rf3 d5 8. Qxb8 Bf5 9. Qxb7 Bh7 10. Qxd5+ Qxd5 11. Rf5 Qc4 12. Bxc4+ Kg6 13. Be6 1/2-1/2 I started off with the well-known stalemate (without queen exchange) in 10 moves, composed by Sam Loyd (see this post). In that final stalemate position, the role of the queen ...

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