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What was White's last move?

Proof game (GIF) Preliminary analysis First of all, White’s last move must be Rh8xg8 (captured on a light square), but we must determine what was captured. (When I say a “real” piece I mean the ...
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What was White's last move?

It is: It is pretty clear that Assuming that the game is valid, It's not possible to know which piece was captured: To build a proof game:
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How did White lose all their pieces?

Reasoning: Minimum:
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How did White lose all their pieces?

A (not the shortest) proof game: So the white rooks and knights are being captured on Constraints: Obviously, the white Be8 must be Now let us ponder the final few moves. Apologies for the messy ...
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The Last Chess Game

The hidden word is It is concealed in:
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