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Here's my attempt at constructing a position where underpromoting the 2nd rank pawn is the only way to self-mate in 5: As you can see, I've split the problem into 3 parts: a prison for the white king, a prison for the black king, and a prison for the black rook. The only way to force the black knight to move is to stop the black king from moving around in ...


Consider the following solution: The moves proceed as follows (with all moves forced for black): The notation in the last line just indicates that white can promote to either a knight, bishop, or rook. The reasoning is as follows:


Solution for the $5$x$5$ grid Other solutions for the same grid are For the $6$x$6$ grid I noted that This leads to this conclusion for the $6$x$6$ grid


A solution for part B:


One solution to part A:


Another partial (and probably wrong) answer: Are you Because Unfortunately



Supposing it's white's turn

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