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I really hope I'm understanding the rules correctly... Here's a battle plan, using the original capture-on-adjacent rule (with the stipulation that you don't get extra movement from such captures) and starting on a Monday: For the harder version where captures have to be exact,


Since black has many checks available, we can This limits our options to four possible moves. Nf7+ seems particularly promising, so Black has only one move that doesn't immediately end in a smothered checkmate at Nf6, so we check the checks (heh) after that move to find after which we can somewhat incredibly finish with either or


For a 4 by 4 grid: 5 by 5 grid: 6 by 6: 7 by 7: Why? Pattern: The pictures speak for themselves.


Having tried various options to get below 9 points, I've been very successful in forcing a checkmate with The end goal is to get black into a position where: Initially, I expect that black will veto: My plan is to get to the following position (or a rotation/reflection of it): Given this position, there are 2 possibilities, depending on who's move it is. ...


It can

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