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Wrong answer (see comments for some refutations). I'm leaving the wrong answer below because I don't believe in hiding my mistakes :-). It's because


Partial answer: Because Because of this, Continuing from Bass's partial answer. Before I get into the lines, I'll introduce to more critical boards. Position A: | X | ----------- X | | ----------- | O | Position B | X | ----------- O | | ----------- | X | These positions are important because This means that I ...


So, we are playing misère Tic-tac-toe with the option of taking more than one turn in a row. Seems quite interesting, so let's take a stab at it. The flow of the narrative here is a bit messy, because the answer was not all written in one go. Since a full rewrite would be too time consuming, I've added some chapter breaks to give at least some structure to ...


The position is as follows: No two of Eques's counters occupy the same line of 3 (satisfying the never-threatening requirement), and no matter where Knott (O) places their next O, Eques (X) has a winning move whereby he sets himself up for two winning moves simultaneously - Knott is unable to block both on their next turn: Assuming Eques plays optimally - ...

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