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More Catching of Cats

Let's summarize Jaap Scherphuis's answer to the easier version of the problem where the cat can only move 1 step at a time: Now, since in this version the cat has a step size of $k$, we have to ...
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Catching a Cat on an infinite Line

Nobody has yet answered the final question, which is the most interesting part... The cat can circumvent capture on any graph with a doubly-infinite chain or a cycle of length at least 3 or size-3 ...
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Catching a Cat on an infinite Line

First, let's simplify the problem. Suppose that The puzzle would then be easy to solve: To solve the actual puzzle, we just need to
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Catching a Cat on an infinite Line

This is a (semi)infinite version of the Princess in the Castle problem, which is also often asked using a fox or bunny in a row of holes. Infinite is hard to deal with, so lets make it somewhat finite ...
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Catching a Cat on an infinite Line

The main problem we must contend with is that Instead, we can
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