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I think she is: Thanks, Vicky, for the hint: her name is and of course she is the She was born in the month of: and she is the first in her role to be of


Her name is probably...


I've tried to anticipate some nitpicks at the process I present below. Nitpicks are in parentheses and set off from the main method. The core of the method can be found outside the parentheses. Set-up step: Then, they should follow these steps for each potential song: Why does this work? Or, in a wordier form:


I have a proposed process, which has the downside of allowing for cheating, but works if both sides want to keep the information transfer within the outlined parameters: This works because:


UPDATED The text following the bold letters seems to clue the following words: I am tempted to But there is one too many words! So I got sucked into the cipher trail... but it led to dead ends. Then I tried using the flags but that went nowhere good. But... Now we see The result: Next, let's look at the dots. So what does it mean? How to bring in the ...


This playlist serves as inspiration to your friend when she attempts to solve: Why? Firstly, note that: Finally: PS Note a small hint concealed in the text:

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