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(This is not really an answer but...) Because of your history with video game riddles here's what I think: You just realized that I am doomed. There went a six-limbed, not an insect. I was not blind, I sincerely swear. I ate something healthy, yet not nutritious. Maybe I was hallucinating, by that cosmic light. I won't eat a pudding, because it's ...


You might have been in In such a vehicle,


Were you driving a The instructor was in the back seat, because You can't go slower than 60 mph, because The engine won't break, since You can probably stop by Once the journey stops, will be quite unusable, and is usually towed to storage.


Partial and uncertain answer I'm not sure exactly how partial, because I'm not sure exactly what the question is asking nor what parts of it are clues to be picked up as opposed to scene-setting. I'm fairly confident that I have the right overall theme, but there are enough things I can't fit in that I won't be astonished if I turn out to be barking up ...


Work in progress...but this is what I tried so far How I derived the initial words based on the Hint Breaking it down we get: Attempted Changes:


This might be a bit out there (this is my first rebus puzzle), It likely ain't the intention of the puzzle-maker, but just one more idea for y'all!


The password you must type is: Why? Start by noticing that the inscription is written using: Translating, we get: What does this mean? At first glance this seems to suggest that we should type: into the keyboard. However, this means very little by itself (and converting into A1Z26 yields the pretty unfruitful-looking 'JCZ'); plus it makes no use of the ...

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