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Exact probabilities, in case anyone is interested.


A simulation of 100,000,000 of such best-of-seven series of A:B showed ... And that's the code for simulating: import random from collections import Counter def sim(home, away): i = random.randint(1,100) if i <= 51: return home return away def series(): w = [0,0] for game in range(7): if game <= 3: # fix: < ...


This is simpler than it looks: no calculations are involved. The trick is to realise that being the first team to win four games is Then,


I wouldn't look at this as a probability question. What I'd do is (with small correction pointed out by @anodyne): So to elaborate further, here's the basic template that you would need to fill out: I fill out the details in this spreadsheet: This is the "brute force" way of working it out and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. However, the table ...


They could ... Now So

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