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My profile pic, incidentally, is xkcd-compliant

More useless facts:

  • 50% of people believe the next fact

  • 100% of people believe the previous fact

  • 37% of facts are trivial

  • 100% of people do not believe this fact

  • There is a 1.4% chance that this fact is true

For more check out my chat profile.

And some other facts, with some untruths (you can sort out which is which):

  • Not all decimal 'patterns' of digits occur in the expansion of pi, root 2 or any other irrational constants (Well, actually, Champernowne's constant is one of the few exceptions)

  • A byte is not the smallest computer piece of storage; it is made up of ~10 bits, analogous to the fact that a kilobyte of data is 1000.0 bytes of data. Or how a megabyte is 1000.0 kibibytes, or something like that. Or how a gigibyte is roughly 1000 bytes more than a megabyte. Or how a terrorbyte is... okay, I'll stop.

  • The world population is not growing exponentially, but rather follows a logistic curve.

  • 57 is the first Grothendieck prime; no others are known

  • 13 is an unlucky number

  • Time paradoxes are prevented by the Grandfather effect, otherwise known as the Coriolis effect: the space-time wormhole whirlpool must spin in a clockwise direction, thus allowing forwards travel in the time axis only.

  • The sun is so huge that photons take longer to reach the surface (from the core) than from the surface to Earth

  • Defining (in Python) def taut(): return taut() then running a=taut() will make a equal itself (i.e a==a is True)

  • I could write anything here and by the time you got this far you'd be too tired to keep reading

  • 'There are no numbers above 7' incidentally proves the very strong Goldbach Conjecture

  • Pluto was promoted from dwarf planet to planet in a meeting in 1930

...and thanks for reading everyone!

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