Find the next in the sequence below

4035, 8136, 12138, 2928, 1137, ?

This may seem somewhat difficult at first, but is easy when you know what it is related to.
Hints will be given if deemed necessary

Hint 1

The sequence ends after a certain number of terms

Hint 2

There are twelve terms in the sequence

Hint 3

The terms are related to months


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The answer is:



The months are arranged in alphabetical order. The first part of the number tells us the month(April=4, August=8, Dec=12 etc..). The second part of the number tells us the number of days in that month, reversed!(April 03 days, August 13 days, Dec 13 days etc..). The last part of the number tells us how many letters the month have(April - 5 letters, August - 6 letters, Dec - 8 letters). The 6th term of this sequence is July. Using the same reasoning we get 7134


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