Oh no.... I stumbled upon another of these, and it asks for the person AND where the story left off! But I suppose I have to give it to you...

When I was the spry age of eight,
My house, or shop, burned down that date,
With Esperanza gone, it was that the hopping came...

The homes came one by one, the same,
I was so "bad" I ran from them,
But I had to sleep under a rotting bridge to shield...

I got sent into Nevada,
It was as bad as all nada,
And then I met my friends, to come for all my life...

I got a ride into the air,
And passed over Delaware,
A car crash happened next, the kind you wouldn't think...

I learned of the woodlands' curse,
I made the quest, but not as first,
Another crash and then, hopeless as it may be...

We pushed west, hardened as three,
But I had serious jealousy,
We finally succeeded, and then came back to camp...

And that's where this story ends,
I haven't finished living, and,
Tell me what time I'm in, and also my name, please...

So who am I, and where did I leave off?


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The character is

Leo Valdez


Heroes of Olympus


His mother died in the workshop/house fire. Also, it mentions camp like Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.Leo was also jealous of Frank because he fell for Hazel.Finally, he died defeating Gaea and cures himself with the Physician’s Cure. He was not finished living.


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