Definitely lost a lot of cash that night but silly me just kept on playing - (blackjack)

On many many occasions I chose not to hang around - (lone wolf)

While treasure hunting we found a lot of gold - (lucky)

I really tried to tell the difference between them but it was just too hard - (twins)

Finally we made it happen - (pregnancy)

Back then I thought differently but now I know it's always 180 - (triangle)

Once I started to follow the lords words I began to feel better - (commandments)

What word am i looking for?


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I believe the word you are looking for is


The word(s) in parentheses each represent a number:
The goal in blackjack is to hit 21.
A lone wolf is only 1 wolf.
7 the most commonly known lucky number.
Twins consist of 2 people.
Pregnancies are (usually) 9 months long.
Triangles have 3 sides.
There are 10 commandments.
Then for each number n, you take the nth letter on the corresponding line.

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