A person asks for an item or service, and is told that if they want 2, it'll be free and it would be much faster. The person did not have any medical disorder, nor were they asking for a task to be done to one of their possessions. What did they ask for?


The person selling the item or service was clearly joking. Nobody would actually ask for 2 of these, since it would defeat the whole purpose.

Tremendous hint (Will be added if nobody figures it out after a day or so):

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I would say, the person asked for a

gender transformation


He was a

guitarist who wanted to have the handedness of his instrument changed.

Doing it once requires some work,

take out the strings etc.

but changing twice would mean

it's from right-handed to right-handed which is literally no work at all.

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Among the several possibilities,

a hemispherectomy

seems to fit the bill in the most macabre way.

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Might be stretching the meaning of free and faster here but...

The first person asked the second one to give them a hand (takes time and you can ask to get paid for it), and the second person offered the first person to literally take his two hands instead.


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