You know those people with 'brilliant' logic that you just can't argue with?


Jackasses have long ears

Carl is a jackass

Therefore, Carl has long ears

Well, here's a puzzle for you guys, because they're fun.

One day, I woke up.

But SUDDENLY as I went outside, there was another ROOM with CONCRETE WALLS

I went back to go to my room and climb out of the window or something, but of course the door slammed behind me.

I found the following -

A bomb with about 56800 seconds left

A light bulb

A door needing a 1 digit passcode, and also saying DO NOT GUESS

A link - A Test Called Failure

Another link - Don't change the settings

There was also a poem

Haha, Alto. I made a perfect puzzle, just in time for school!

And nobody can figure this out for you!

Hackers, coders, computers, and a clinic!

Anyone will give up, in a minute! Tada! ~~~~Jack

And 2 strings:



Here's another silly joke, probably put there to distract you guys:

A cheetah and a lion were racing. The cheetah won. Then, the lion said "YOU CHEETAH!!!", and the cheetah said "YOU LION!!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Note that a jackass is another name for a donkey, and that 'ahem' JACK laughs too much.

Also, every once in awhile, i'll update the time left in the bomb.

01:50 PM, 22 September 2018 (UTC)



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I push in the number



the acrostic on the poem is haha. using this for the key on the first encryption gives

"Wow, you're good, but not better than me! See you next time, "wow!", the answer is 7. P.S. The second string is just for the key HAHA, not haha."

the second string, with key HAHA does indeed give essentially the same message.

I probably blow up because I missed something, but... ah well!


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